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SEO TrainingTo learn the art and science of SEO (search engine optimization) it is my belief that the best source is your own efforts at hypothesis, experimentation and refinement.

If you’re starting from scratch and really have no idea what SEO is, then certainly one of the popular SEO books would be a appropriate as well as attending an industry conference like SES, SMX, Pubcon or a regional event.

Both Google and Bing have made great efforts at providing webmasters with resources that are worth checking out as well. Online SEO training like that offered by Market Motive (affiliate link) can help those without the time to attend “real world” events.

For brand marketers, I’d suggest checking out the ad:tech New York Marketing Masters SEM Track in November that I’ve been putting together with case studies and best practices SEO and Integrated PPC insights from VW, REI, Salesforce and several others. (shameless plug)

Every other SEO resource has pretty much been covered in posts like this elsewhere on the web but when sourcing any kind of recommended list (including this one) care should be taken as to motive and real-world validity of the advice and information provided. There are plenty of smart pontificators that have taken “make shit up” to an art form, blending reasonable advice with pure theory and packaging it as SEO gospel. In fact, that same dose of healthy skepticism could be applied to anything you find and read on the web.

Literally everything you’d ever want to know about becoming a successful SEO is online, you just have to sort through what’s theory, rant and outdated information.  That’s why, if you create a strong base of knowledge through your own testing and direct observation, you’ll be in a better position to filter quality signal from the noise.

Not to overwhelm, but here’s a list of over 100 SEM information sources and another list of over 400 SEM & Online Marketing Blogs that you may find useful in your journey to learn more about SEO.

We just added a review of the 2012 MarketingSherpa SEO Benchmark Report – a great source of data driven insights about SEO. Very useful as a SEO learning tool.  A similar resource that we’ve reviewed: Econsultancy SEO Best Practices Guide is also a great aid in learning SEO.

Whether you’ve been in the search engine optimization game for 1 or 10 years, what have you found to be the best sources of information to learn, maintain and advance your SEO knowledge?  What would you recommend to a SEO newbie?  Or to an in-house interactive marketer with SEO responsibilities but limited time to test and learn on their own?

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Avatar Firman Fajar says

    Thank you for your information. I am agree that the best source is our experiment.

  2. Thanks for all the resources available. I’m very new to this game and looking to pick up as much guidance and advice as possible.

  3. Avatar B Culture Media says

    I’m an employee at B Culture Media, a start-up brand enhancing company in Atlanta, and I feel as though we are new to the SEO game. I’m a young college grad and I don’t feel fully prepared to get our name the search response it deserves. I’m definitely going to use your resources to learn as much as possible about it! Thanks 

  4. Avatar greg hostern says

    Alot of great steps when it comes to SEO work and a lot of great pointers as well.

  5. Avatar Sunny Makkar says

    This blog has been bookmarked and placed in my extremely useful
    SEO stuffs folder. Wow mate, you are surely helping a lot to people.

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  7. From my experience, video tutorials helped a lot and loads of tips and advises from my mentors giving resource materials to learn the SEO ropes little by little as time passed by. And may I say it’s not for the faint hearted 🙂


  8. Avatar shashank harwalkar says

    Thanks a lot Lee. Surely helps blogger like me.

    • They are a good starting point and can certainly keep you busy. I’d also highly recommend the Google Analytics learning center – very useful.

  9. Avatar Gargoyle Consulting says

    you could say that if one was motivated enough to learn something (physics, rebuilding transmissions, how to use cad, etc) one could find all the information they needed online. unfortunately for seo’ers, there is no formalized ‘school’ for learning how to do it, so you are forced to learn everything online anyways. trial and error is probably the best way to learn granted that you have researched a bit. spamming a website with keywords or trashy back-links are occasionally impossible to un-do, so it is wise to at least learn the basics before trial and error to minimize the possibility of website penalization. 

  10. Avatar Jameshbelly says

    Thanks for sharing nice post. I thing it is best resource for learning seo. I am very much interested in the topic. I want more about this. I am very happy to read this article. thanks for giving us nice info.

  11. I have slowly been getting into seo for the last 2 years. im at the point now where i am slightly obsessed with it. dabbled with black hat….before i even knew what black hat was and still the odd grey hat technique with the underlying intention to go white hat all the way.
    Like most others im self taught online so i probably know some advanced theories whilst at the same time , probably have some basic gaps that i should already know. hopefully your post will help to fill those gaps. thanku

  12. Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. I have a subscription to econsultancy and didnt realise the 2011 edition was available (slack). The list of SEO and online marketing blogs is really useful coupled with an RSS Reader. Recently Ive been using http://seo.alltop.com. Regards

  13. so the best SEO resources are “online”?

    Thanks for the post a curated list of the best resources with links would have made for a better and one would imagine SEO friendly post. I found this post on Quora quite helpful in terms of links and thoughtful comments: http://www.quora.com/SEO/What-are-the-best-resources-to-learn-about-SEO-Search-Engine-Optimization?q=seo

  14. Avatar Chasestasney says

    Thanks for the valuable information,
    SEO is key if you are building a blog along with content and some other factors. My blog is currently in the process of being optimized and this information has helped out with that.


    Chase S.

  15. You can never learn SEO and most of the things are based on assumptions. However, when you see the results for yourself, you come to know what really works or not. You must keep an close eye on every Google update. The things that were working 6 months ago might not work today.

    • @ Matt I think you can learn the basics like onpage seo those factor
      don’t change that much. But to be an expert you need to know more
      factor. These factors change often over time.

    • @ Matt I think you can learn the basics like onpage seo those factor
      don’t change that much. But to be an expert you need to know more
      factor. These factors change often over time.

  16. Avatar andres_socha says

    thanks for sharing the information of 
     2012 MarketingSherpa SEO Benchmark Report its really important to my website.

    Medio Tiempo


  17. Avatar andres_socha says

    thank you very much for this resources..!!!

    meditación guiada

  18. Avatar Willis Martin says

    Thanks for the information…..