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4 Things Lady Gaga Can Teach Us About Social Media PR & Online Influence

Lady Gaga with one of her Little Monsters

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Lady Gaga is the definition of an influencer offline and online; her music, fashion sense, and passion for social causes have spread around the world in only a few short years.  Love her, like her or hate her, you know who she is and you’ve probably heard more than one of her songs.

When searching for a way to improve your online PR strategy, increase your social reach or build a better influencer marketing strategy, who better to learn from than one of the most influential celebrities in the world and on the web?

Social Media is Going Gaga

  • Lady Gaga Facebook Fan Page Followers – 46,608,220
  • @LadyGaga Twitter Followers – 18,198,577
  • Lady Gaga Google+ Followers – 20,852 (only 4 days after signing up)

#1 – “The Fame” is Only Half the Battle

Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen Twitter

Photos from @charliesheen & @ladygaga

Social influence involves much more than a popularity contest.  Actual influence is composed of the ability to influence opinions, outcomes, and actions. While other celebrities like Charlie Sheen are popular on sites such as Twitter, his social popularity didn’t help him get his job back on Two and Half Men or sell out his nationwide “comedy” tour.  You may notice in the photos above that Charlie Sheen’s profile still reads “unemployed winner”.  Looks like he could do with a little less popularity, and a lot more influence.

#2 – A “Poker Face” is Bad For Business

Lady Gaga Likes to Cook

Photo from Lady Gaga’s Facebook Fan Page

If you are responsible for online PR for your company, or are interested in promoting yourself on the web, it is essential that you are as transparent as possible.  While it may be tempting to stretch the truth in a crisis, honesty is key.  Transparency and messaging are also important to give your audience a sense of who your brand is and what you stand for in ways that will inspire your community to engage and take action.  Understanding why people buy is essential when marketing a product or individual.  People become fans and buyers when they can relate to or form a connection with the spokesperson or can apply meaning to what they stand for.

#3 – “Little Monsters” Receive Recognition

Lady Gaga Google+ Post

Photo from Lady Gaga’s Official Google+ Profile

If there is one thing that cannot be debated about Lady Gaga it is her adoration for her fans.  Her music has influenced millions of people, but she is quick to thank her audience for influencing her life.  In fact a Tweet that I saw just the other day on her Twitter profile said:

“Can’t believe I have 18,000,000 TwitterMonsters, really rad, was just a few years ago I had barely any.”

Even a small comment like this shows her appreciation for the fans that helped her get to where she is today.  A good PR professional should always remember to give thanks where thanks is due.

#4 – Playing More Than Just A “Love Game”

Zynga's game featuring Gagaville

Photo from

A Press Release last year from gaming giant Zynga announced their partnership with Lady Gaga to promote her new album.  When fans visited a unique farm called GagaVille in the popular game FarmVille they were given exclusive access to new tracks and unreleased songs from her upcoming album.  This was a win win situation for both Zynga and Gaga.  The promotion increased Zynga’s gaming popularity, and sold gaming cards that included additional promotional activities such as winning a day on the set with Gaga.

What Would Gaga Do?

Let’s face it, not every client will experience the popularity and influence of Lady Gaga.  However, there are many practical applications that can be gleamed from what we’ve learned about the pop music mogul’s online and social media presence.  I urge you to take some time and ask yourself the following questions about your brand.  While we may not all be a target of the “Paparazzi”, there are steps we can take to improve our social influence and make more “Money Honey”.

Influence vs. Popularity

  • Is your brand popular, influential, or both?
  • Do you have a plan in place to improve influence and grow your online community?

Honesty & Transparency

  • What causes do your customers care about?
  • What is something personal that could be shared to further connect your online customers and those who influence them?

Showing Gratitude

  • Who helped your organization get where it is today?
  • Is there a public opportunity to thank them for their contribution?

Additional Opportunities

  • What are some partnerships or promotions that you can form on behalf of your brand?
  • How much is this type of media exposure worth to you?

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  2. I believe the name, Lady Gaga is the rare type of name that combined with an ok talent works like magic. I know when someone told me about her and said to me she’s Lady Gaga. I said huh? What? Lady who?

    Never underestimate a name.


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    • Nika, I’ve put in about a dozen calls to Gaga and for some reason she’s just not getting back to me! 🙂

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    yes nika i’m agree with you. thankyou

  5. I love lady gaga’s honesty. She is a fantastic artists, and her social media really gives her a true and honest voice. I think that is what fans are looking for, someone who recognizes them as people and engages with them. Gone are the days of our music idols polished and removed from us.

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