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Use social media to improve customer service, sales, and engagement

What Are Social Channels Good For?

Sure you’ve setup your company profiles and pages on social media.  However, do you know what channels are best used for which type of interaction?  This infographic by Grovo shares some great insight into specific uses for many of the popular social media platforms.  Did you know?

  • 40% of people like brands for discounts and promotions
  • 8% of all Huffington Post traffic comes from Facebook

“Content Marketing Becoming Vital”  Kelly OCG, a workforce consulting and outsourcing organization shares that they do no B2B brand advertising.  Instead they spend about 60% of their marketing budget on creating, distributing, and promoting their own unique content.  According to the Custom Content Council approximately $41billion dollars are spent on creating custom content. Via BtoB Magazine.

“Digital talent:  the innovative & integrated marketing brain”  Since humans only use roughly 10-20% of our brains taking on the task of converging digital marketing strategies can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  The infographic included in this article dives into the notion of Right Brain versus Left Brain Marketers, and the personality traits associated with each side.  Via Econsultancy.

“SEO: A Force for Good”  There is no quick way to increase your search engine rankings, which is exactly as it should be.  SEO isn’t about who can buy the top position, it is about who can earn that position by providing relevant and timely content.  This article provides some great information supporting why SEO  is not dead and it should still be a very essential part of any online marketing strategy.  Via Search Engine Watch.

“Why User Experience is Critical to Customer Relationships”  The relationship between brands and customers is quickly changing.  As customers become increasingly sophisticated and empowered the way that marketers interact with them will have to evolve.  The introduction of smart phones and other web enabled devices only makes this approach so much more important.  Want to know more about how you can connect with your customers in a meaningful way?  Via Fast Company.

“How Twitter Can Improve Your Management (in 140 Characters or Less)”  Social media marketers have learned that with Twitter it is essential that you create a meaningful interaction, in only 140 characters.  This notion of short, concise, and meaningful interaction can be translated to other areas of your business as well.  This article provides some great tips for streamlining and shortening your communication style for improved communication with your team.  Via Inc.

“5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Engagement”  Even if you’ve taken a very interactive approach to posting information regularly and answering the questions of your fans you may be missing out if you aren’t implementing proper calls to action.  This post provides 5 very practical, but essential tips for improving your engagement and ultimately turning followers and fans into customers.  Via Social Media Examiner.

Team TopRank News

Brian Larson – Understanding Ranking Lag Time for New Links

We all know that the number of quality inlinks pointing to a site are factored in the major search engines algorithms. The more difficult question, and one that every marketer who every conducted a link building effort has asked, is how long does it take for a link to influence search rankings? As with many questions related to search performance, the answer depends on several factors. Eric ward successfully outlines several of those key factors in his Link Week column for Search Engine Land.

Ken Horst – Complacency in Search Advertising:  Growing Beyond Keywords

This is a very interesting take on the search advertising industry, which, according to eMarketer Daily, will see its  growth rate flat-line.  The problem highlighted here is that in order to seriously scale your search advertising campaign, you need to dramatically increase the number of keywords you’re using.  This simply takes more hours and many companies and agencies are reluctant to invest in the human resources necessary to scale.  Via Media Post.

Time to Weigh In:  Would you consider yourself a left brained or a right brained marketer?  What do you think the benefits are of each type of marketer?  Do you think that when it comes to management, saying less is worth more?

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  1. I am studying social media and theory in #NewhouseSM4 at Syracuse University with Dr4Ward, and I agree with the theory that Twitter-style communication can benefit management style techniques. I feel this is a better way of spreading large amounts of information to a large audience, quickly and efficiently. But it leads me to question, are some critical details left out of the 140 character limit? Is it truly efficient to leave out details to expedite the process? Needless to say, excellent article with very useful links. Thanks!

  2. Great info on social media. I agree social media does take alot of ones time each day, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it if one keep seeking that it’s own company is growing and growing.

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    social channel are good for society that show update !

  5. “SEO: A Force for Good” companies should really strive hard to earn their desired position and meet their goals.  It’s not an easy process since you need to find what methods will work best for your companies objective.