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Online Marketing News: Train Employees to be Social, Update Talent Management, Become a Master Storyteller

Train your employees on social media policy

How to Train Employees to Handle Your Social Media

This infographic by mindflash encourages companies to focus on uncovering the social media rock stars within the organization and prompting them to get on board with company goals and initiatives.  Highlights include:

  • Options available to organizations for social media execution
  • Group training
  • Determining employee familiarity with web technology
  • Commonly included guidelines

“Are Your Talent Management Practices Out of Date?”  Having trouble retaining key employees?  This article suggests that it’s time for companies to take a different approach to talent management and find a balance between give and take with employees.  Via Inc.

“How Can B2B Marketers Reduce Opt-outs From Email Marketing?”  Many engagement opportunities are cut short when customers or prospects decide to opt-out of email communication.  This in turn directly impacts a companies ability to influence customers, up-sell, and cross sell.  If you’re looking for some helpful advice on actions you can take to reduce opt-outs I strongly recommend reading this article.  Via BtoB.

“In Age of Pinterest, Instagram, Marketers Need An Image Strategy”  It has become clear at this point that image sharing has become a very social activity and is not a passing craze.  As people continue to consume even more viral content marketers must appeal to their audience with great written content and great visual content. Via AdAge.

Social Media & Content Marketing Tips

“8 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers”  Hiring new members to join your social media team can be a tricky situation.  Its important to allow them to focus their efforts on generating results but at the same time you must be very careful that they are accurately representing your brand as well as your clients.  Here are 8 great tips for navigating the training process. Via Social Media Examiner.

“12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement”  Everywhere you turn marketers are focusing on customer engagement.  However, what constitutes as engagement is still a heavily debated topic.  This article contains very valuable information from those who live it, successful community managers.  Via Mashable.

“7 Ways to Become a Masterful Storyteller”  Storytelling is an essential part of connecting with your audience.  Stories evoke emotion and engage people who might not otherwise take notice.  Via Ragan.

Top News From the TopRank Team

Lee Odden – “Google Gives Search a Refresh”

Starting in a few months, Google will start showing more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the search-results page which could impact the search results for 10% to 20% of all search queries, or tens of billions per month.  Via The Wall Street Journal.

Brian Larson – “3 Step Model for Developing Insights Through Keyword Trends”

Every online marketer worth their salt knows the importance of picking the right keywords to focus their optimization. However, far fewer understand how to leverage keywords and their search trends to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of the opportunity and audience they represent. Brad Neelan outlines 3 simple steps that can help marketers with the latter on this article in Search Engine Land.

Shawna Kenyon – “Foursquare on Facebook: Hands on With the New Timeline Integration”

This week Foursquare rolled out its new Facebook integration that puts checkin scorecards on Timelines. Last August Facebook removed its mobile-only check in feature and revamped its location function so it works more like a tag on status updates, photos and posts. The switch makes Facebook less competitive with other checkin services and serves as a better platform for services such as Forsquare to integrate with.  Via Mashable.

Time to weigh in:  What do you foresee as the dangers and benefits of tapping your internal team to contribute to your social media strategy?  Does your company have a visual strategy and do you think this allows you to better connect with your audience?  When it comes to customer engagement what are the 3 things you believe it is most important to measure?

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  7. On a semi-related note, I recently heard a CEO talking about he was offended by and even wanted to get rid of an employee who wasn’t willing to use his personal twitter account to tweet out messages shilling for the company.   Encouraging is good, but requiring seems draconian. I prefer to err on the side of respecting my employees’ private lives.

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  10. The thing I see most companies having a hard time grasping is that social media is not advertising and people on Facebook and other platforms don’t care about what special offers you have going on. They want personal interaction and want to be entertained. From this entertainment, your brand is recognized and recalled.

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