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Content & Customer Optimization Presentation from Search Congress Barcelona

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Barcelona Search Congress

View from our "boat" in Barcelona during Search Congress

I’m about to go on stage at the Search Congress conference in Barcelona and I thought I’d share the presentation that I’ll be giving. Don’t worry, only the title page is in Spanish but all the photos are from my last trip to Barcelona.

As a complement to the growing amount of Content and Social Media focused advice being given by traditional SEOs, this presentation is in line with our approach at TopRank to customer-centric content optimization.

Instead of focusing solely on keywords as inspiration for optimization, this presentation provides a framework and example of how a customer centric approach would segment customer data into personas and then map keywords, topics and content types according to each persona’s journey through the buying cycle.

The notion of SEO and optimization is so much more than keywords and links (as pointed out in yesterday’s well-received SEO post) I hope you find it useful.

Thanks to Ouali and the Search Congress team as well as to the attendees of Search Congress for attending.

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