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Stand Out Above the Noise – Blogging Tips From Chris Brogan #BWENY

"There are plenty of crappy photographers out there, that is why they invented Instagram." - Chris Brogan (touche Mr. Brogan)

I must say the pre-keynote presentation was hilarious.  Tom Webster (@webby2001) from Edison Research shared some “feedback” his company had received from the post-session surveys that were sent out for evaluation of the speakers.  The comments were those that many bloggers experience on a daily basis: Poorly written, irrelevant, spam on your painstakingly written blog post.

Tom’s commentary was the perfect seguay into Chris Brogan’s (@chrisbrogan) keynote presentation.  First off, Chris is hilarious, second of all he is not afraid to poke fun at himself.  This wasn’t the sort of presentation that is easy to live blog (plus there was zero Internet connection) so I decided to share the information like I consumed it.  In bite sized chunks that are easy to consume and easy to share.

Spoiler Alert
I’m taking some direction from Chris Brogan here and I’m going to share my most important point up front.  Chris said the number one question he is asked is: “how do you get more readers to your blog?”  The answer: write a post about someone who has recently passed, or is rumored to have passed.

Blogging Hurdle #1: OMG I am SO busy!

Stop! Everyone is busy.  No email should start or end with “god I have been so busy lately.”  Do you think anyone is ever going to say “I haven’t done anything all day.” Chances are they wont.  Lets face it, we all have things to do.

A helpful tip for bloggers is to create a framework for how you blog and use that same process over and over again.  You will notices that it will take you a lot less time to blog because it has become second nature.

First Places to Find Extra Time

  • Turn off the email “noise”
  • Ignore the little red circle
  • Try writing in small blocks of time
  • Take a couple minutes no matter where you are

Blogging Hurdle #2: I have nothing to write about.

According to Chris the top traffic sources to his site are topics such as “how to find blog topics” and “how to get more followers”  so he is most likely the right person to ask.  Bloggers are faced with a problem.  When we sit down and start writing we begin to worry about how our content sounds or what people will think of it.

Get Out of Your Own Way

  • Find inspiration in the small things
  • Take photos
  • Use other people’s photos for inspiration
  • Try and look at things differently

Blogging Hurdle #3: How can I make money blogging?

The problem with blogging, some people believe that you start blogging and instantly you’re rich.   Don’t hold your breath sitting with your bucket waiting for the money to fall.

  • Write about things that you care about
  • Treat your blog like a business
  • Try different things, it’s your website after all

Blogging Hurdle #4: Blogging seems like a lot work.

The reason blogging seems like hard work is because it is.  The only way you get better is by practicing on a regular basis.

  • Pride is worth less than hard work
  • There are a lot of moving parts, but you can do it
  • Always respond to fans comments

My Favorite Tidbits From Chris Brogan

“I use WordPress– its just a religious thing at this point.” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“We love to talk about software that we use for publishing.  Did anyone ask Hemingway what he wrote with?  Oh is that a special #2 pencil?” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“Try “time quilting” picking up little bits and pieces of time here and there to write your blog.”  @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“Advertisements are not a good way to get money for your blog.” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“If you believe all of the praise people throw your way then you become “that” jerkhead.” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“You can do anything you want.  It’s your damn website.” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“Never suck up to the big guy – connect to the up and comers.” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

“Smells really help me find blog posts.” @chrisbrogan #BWENY Tweet This

TopRank Readers Bonus

I had wanted to have some more exclusive tips but I know that Chris is busy and I am hoping that he will be able to share some answers with me in the future.  If that happens I will be sure to send an update out to our readers.  I do however have another form of bonus content for you.

Attendees who raced to the keynote and shoved their way to the front of the line (like myself) all received a copy of Chris’ book Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything.  If you haven’t had a chance to grab your copy or are still wondering what it is all about be sure to read my review written earlier this year.

Google+ for Business: 5 Things Marketing Professionals Should Know About Google+

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  1. Our schedule didn’t allow us to attend this year.  Thanks for the recap.  We enjoyed it.  
    Oh…”There are plenty of crappy photographers out there, that is why they invented Instagram.” – Chris Brogan (touche Mr. Brogan).  Hahaha….

  2. Well, he’s right when he says that we all try to find excuses not to log. We need to take out some time everyday adn plan out something to write, I’ve been a lazy blogger myself for quite a while, but will be putting his advice to work right now.

  3.  Funny, I just wrote a post about making money blogging, it’s a big focus for most bloggers, and if the money doesn’t come almost immediately, lots of folks give up.   Not good!  You gotta hang in there and do #4. 

    Fun post Ashley, great tips!


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