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Free eBook: 29 Content Marketing Secrets and the Secret Agents Who Shared Them

Posted on Aug 31st, 2012
Written by Lee Odden
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  • Free eBook: 29 Content Marketing Secrets and the Secret Agents Who Shared Them
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    Content Marketing Secret AgentThe world of content marketing is full of mystery and intrigue with companies leveraging every possible resource to achieve a competitive advantage.

    In the fast changing world of digital marketing, no resource is more valued than the coveted “Content Marketing Secret Agent”.

    These covert content operatives perform their customer segmentation, persona development and editorial planning in the dead of night while most marketers are asleep, snug in their beds. While the average content marketer dreams of page views and search engine rankings, Content Marketing Secret Agents are mapping the customer journey, crafting meaningful messages that pull prospects from awareness to measurable conversions.

    Few have been able to crack the code of this elite group but if anyone could, it’s the content marketing smarties at TopRank Online Marketing. We’ve collected some of the best tips just for you.

    Content Marketing

    Click image to download e-book

    Yes, that’s right. We’ve collected 29 of the most experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished Content Marketing Operatives to share their secrets with those of us looking for better performance and results. You may be tempted to destroy this dossier of highly valued intelligence before your competitors get to it, but you must resist that temptation.

    Consumer brands like Kraft Foods, B2B brands like Intel, IBM and Cisco, industry thought leaders like Jason Falls, Ann Handley and Joe Pulizzi have come together to share one piece of content marketing advice that would send a cold war power into an equivalent state of DEFCON 2. It’s as if we assembled, James Bond, Jack Bauer, Mata Hari, Jason Bourne, Evelyn Salt and Austin Powers all in one room and managed a brain drain of their most prized confidential information.

    OK, maybe not Austin Powers, but you get the idea.

    We’ve tried to have a bit of fun with this “Secret Agent” shtick in this week’s series of Content Marketing Secrets interviews. We’re continuing that theme into the advice in this e-book.  We hope you enjoy the metaphor and the information which is sound and highly valuable, just like the presentations you’ll see at the 2012 Content Marketing World conference.

    The Secret Agents:

    • Robert Rose, aka Agent #1
    • Ann Handley, aka Agent #2
    • Jason Falls, aka Agent #3
    • Todd Wheatland, aka Agent #4
    • Pam Didner, aka Agent #5
    • Amanda Maksymiw, aka Agent #6
    • Mark Schaefer, aka Agent #7
    • Leslie Reiser, aka Agent #8
    • Jim Kukral, aka Agent #9
    • Michael Stelzner, aka Agent #10
    • Heidi Cohen, aka Agent #11
    • Waynette Tubbs, aka Agent #12
    • Michael Brenner, aka Agent #13
    • Ahava Leibtag, aka Agent #14
    • Julie Fleischer, aka Agent #15
    • C.C. Chapman, aka Agent #16
    • Ardath Albee, aka Agent #17
    • Brian Massey, aka Agent #18
    • Sandra Zoratti, aka Agent #19
    • Chris Baggott, aka Agent #20
    • Heather Meza, aka Agent #21
    • Andrew (Drew) Davis, aka Agent #22
    • Jon Wuebben, aka Agent #23
    • Mitch Joel, aka Agent #24
    • Marcus Sheridan, aka Agent #25
    • Amy Porterfield, aka Agent #26
    • Curt Porritt, aka Agent #27
    • Lee Odden, aka Agent #28
    • Joe Pulizzi, aka Agent #42

    You can download the e-book pdf file directly here: Content Marketing Secrets eBook or view all of the secrets in the embedded presentation below:

    Thanks to Content Marketing World for working with us on this project and of course to Ashley Zeckman from TopRank Online Marketing for all of her help to make it happen.

    Speaking of Content Marketing World, it’s coming up next week! If you’re attending then be sure to check out my session on integrating Search, Social and Content Marketing:
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    What’s your best content marketing secret?

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