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Online Marketing News: RipOff Report Expands, Paid YouTube Channels Launch & Mobile Local on the Rise

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Mass Marketing Versus Personalization - Monetate

Your customers want more personalized messaging and content. In fact, 64% believe it’s more important that companies represent them with relevant offers, compared to 36% who don’t want their activity tracked. Given the tools available to block ads, tactics to stop tracking, opt-in nature of communications and social participation, it’s clear that customers who do choose to interact with brands expect a more personalized experience as a result.

The Mass Marketing vs. Personalization infographic from Monetate shares a number of other interesting recommendations and finds, including:

  • 94% of companies agree that online personalization is critical to business performance.
  • Two of every three companies believe personalizing their website will improve the customer experience and overall success of their business.
  • 64% of companies will – or plan to within the year – deliver a more personalized experience to visitors on mobile devices.

See the infographic for tips on better personalization.

Online Marketing News Briefs

Mobile Increasingly Used for Local Search

More people are using mobile for search, especially for local information, according to a new Local Mobile Search Report based on comScore data from Q4 2012. PC traffic has remained static, researchers said, while mobile continues to grow as a percentage of overall traffic to websites. See more at SearchEngineLand.

Klout Aims to Let Consumer Be More Influential with “Experts”

Klout previewed their new “Experts” feature Wednesday. AllThingsD.com explains how it works: “If you’ve garnered sufficient credibility on a certain topic based on your Klout score — say, gardening or hair styling or whatever — you should be qualified to answer questions on the area. Moreover, you’re likely more credible than some result in a Q&A thread on a site like Yahoo Answers or perhaps a Quora.” Klout shared questions to some of its users, whose answers will show up in Bing search results (Klout’s official search partner) and possibly Google.

Mobile Shoppers Spend More in Store: Google

Seventy-nine percent of smartphone owners are also smartphone shoppers and 84% of them use their devices in-store to help them make buying decisions, according to Google’s Mobile In-Store Research report. On average, smartphone shoppers spend 15 minutes on their device while shopping in-store.

Google in-store shopping research

Affluent Consumers are Active in Social Media: LinkedIn

Of the 90% of consumers with investable assets between $100,000 and $1 million active in social media, 44% engage with financial institutions via social. According to LinkedIn, 36% of this group use social for discovery and consideration. See more at SearchEngineWatch.

RipOff Report Expanding: Businesses Can Opt In to Pay $90/Month Fee to Review Complaints

Not that companies should be pleased, but Ed Magedson of RipOff Report has devised another way to help companies on the receiving end of customer complaints (real, imagined or invented) part with their money. His new RipOff Report Verified program will give businesses 14 days to resolve complaints before a critical review is posted. See more at Forbes.

Sesame Street and Young Turks Among First Paid YouTube Channels

The first paid YouTube channels launched yesterday, with 30 YouTube partners making the move to a revenue model alternative to advertising. The initiative will become self-serve for YouTube’s 1 million+ content partners, who will be able to charge a fee starting at 99 cents a month for access, according to AdAge.

This Week in the @TopRank Community

Digital Convergence- Integrated Marketing & Public Relations Keynote

This week, TopRank CEO Lee Odden gave the keynote presentation at #PDXCC13 just a day after sharing An Integrated Approach to Digital Marketing & PR with Public Relations Society of America members and webinar guests. Check out our favorite tweets and interactions from members of the @toprank community:

Lee Odden Keynote

TopRank PRSA webinar

Lee Odden Keynote

Lee Odden keynote

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Stay tuned to the @TopRank Twitter channel and #trnews feed this week for the latest online marketing, social and content headlines!

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  1. That’s exactly what technology does: increases one-to-one marketing. It’s the future of marketing and should be a part of current business models. The direct connection to consumers through social media platforms allow for deeper engagement, personalization, and interactions. Which at the end of the day is a win for businesses and personal brands.

  2. I didn’t know mobile user actually spend more than normal surfer. Maybe buying apps but do mobile user buy on Amazon or ebay?

  3. It feels like the movement towards personalized web experience is accelerating. Countless microcosms of interests and values,, it is a formidable force to deal with. Thank you for the insightful reads!

  4. Avatar anisha fonville says

    Great post, Miranda. Its not surprising that mobile users are using the internet more and more now. We all have the habit of whipping out our cellphones to look something up or visit a site whenever and wherever we want. Very informative piece!

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