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Break Free of Old SEO & Become the Best Answer for Prospects, Customers & The Media

Break Free Old SEOBetween major algorithmic updates to better filter content, links and aggressive tactics to removing several important signals SEOs use to improve marketing performance of their websites, the search engine optimization game isn’t what it used to be.

Change is a constant with SEO but one thing is certain at the moment: A LOT more companies are asking about how they can create some buffer against the volatility of Google organic search listings.

Some have been hit by Panda or Penguin updates, but even more are realizing their over-reliance solely on organic SEO has them feeling a little uneasy. This is not to say SEO is the reason to be uneasy, because it’s not. Putting all your online marketing eggs in one basket is what should cause concern.

5 Ways to Optimize Lists for Content Marketing

List Optimization Content MarketingWhen you spend time creating great content and being useful on the social web (as well as in the real world) it’s inevitable that you’ll be included on a list.  Recognition is a powerful thing and when it comes to lists, the value of inclusion is in direct proportion to how objective and well curated the list is.

A credible list of people, brands or resources will not only attract visitors and shares from the community of the site that published it, but more importantly, inspired sharing by those included in the list itself.

As a public person that creates a lot of content and tries to be useful on the social web, I get included on a good number of lists. On this blog we create quite a few of them too. The fundamental rules for list creation and repurposing with content marketing is to:

Online Marketing News: Tailored Twitter Ads, $630k for Likes? Yahoo Pulls a Qwiki, Email Crushes Social, B2B Trends

B2B Content Marketing Trends 2013 is a new report from Holger Schulze of the B2B Technology Marketing Forum on LinkedIn.  According to this survey, what are the  top 5 Content Marketing trends for B2B marketers in 2013? Here you go:

  1. Content marketing is going mainstream and is becoming more sophisticated to help marketers generate more leads and enable thought leadership.
  2. The popularity of white papers as a content marketing format is declining relative to interactive, easily digestible formats such as video.
  3. More than 82 percent of B2B marketers are increasing their content production over the next 12 months.
  4. YouTube is gaining popularity as a social media platform to reach and engage B2B audiences – Facebook is losing ground.

A Prerequisite for Content Marketing Success – Book Review: Managing Content Marketing

Managing Content Marketing

Managing Content Marketing by Robert Rose & Joe Pulizzi

There are certain books that I find myself recommending to folks on our team and to people I meet at conferences over and over again. These are books I purchase multiple copies of (I give them away and they also seem to disappear).

One book in particular that fits this situation is Managing Content Marketing: The Real-World Guide for Creating Passionate Subscribers to Your Brand by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi.

Sure, Robert and Joe are two of the smartest and nicest people I know, but this book really does deserve to be required reading for any organization investing in content to grow their business.

Here’s why:

7 Steps for Creating an Optimized Content Publishing Schedule

Optimized Content PlanningCompanies eager to meet the digital information needs of customers are faced with the challenge of creating content on a regular basis and with few additional resources. Customers expect useful information that is easy to find, consume and share, but how can resource strapped marketers meet those expectations?

On the content marketing maturity journey, the transition from creating very little content makes way for the practice of “more” content, followed by more + meaningful content. Making that transition and scaling meaningful content is impractical without a plan and processes.

Never fear, here’s advice in the form of 7 steps to get you from zero to hero with an optimized content publishing schedule:

RIP Google Reader, External Keyword Tool is Next

Google Reader RIP

Click to open full infographic – Wordstream

Today Google has retired Google Reader joining a long list of other Google products that have been discontinued. See a full list by clicking the Wordstream infographic to the right.

The reason offered by Google: “usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products.”

I suppose it’s to be expected when you have an organizational culture where 20% of your time can be spent experimenting on new projects. Of those that make it to market as betas, many will not become viable as contributions to the business.  Luckily, in the case of Google Reader there are plenty of alternatives like Feedly.