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5 Ways To Create Great Content Without Writing A Lot

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Marcie Hill NMX 2014We want to create engaging content but we don’t always feel like typing a lot. For some, it’s a constant struggle to get our thoughts on to paper (or in this case on pixels). Typing isn’t always required to create content your readers want. Marcie Hill showed us 5 Ways To Create Engaging, Sharable Blog Posts Without Writing… A Lot, in her New Media Expo 2014 presentation. Check out these quick and easy ways to create great stuff that your readers will want to see and share.


Over 1 billion people will buy a phone this year and most of them will have cameras. Most of us take pictures all the time. These can be great sources of content for your posts. With more than 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook each day and 55 million to Instagram (35 million are selfies), it’s obvious that people love pictures.

Get creative. Take a look at things from a different angle and show your readers something they don’t see every day. Don’t fancy yourself a good photographer? There are plenty of online resources to help you take awesome pictures, even using your smartphone camera.


We all learn in different ways but most seem to learn better visually. That’s one of the reasons that infographics are so popular. They take information (sometimes dry and boring stuff) and break it down into easier to understand and consume visual representations. Though they do take some research to get the info together, infographics can be a great way create engaging content without writing much. They’re also highly sharable. Pinterest users love them and with the site driving more traffic than Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter combined, it has the potential for huge traffic.


In a spot you can’t type? Some of us get our best ideas while we’re driving or when we’re away from our computers. Bloggers can audio record their thoughts and ideas to make easily sharable content for their audience in a hurry. Most smartphones have built-in audio recording apps and you can even use an audio transcription service to translate those recordings to text if you like.

Not only is audio great for recording while on the go but it’s also great for people to listen to when they don’t have access to a computer. Lots of people listen to podcasts and other audio programs in the car on the way to and from work. You might find a new audience you didn’t know was out there.


People watch over 6 billion hours of video a month on YouTube. Video is huge. Be part of those 6 billion+ hours of viewing by recording video for your blog. Interviews, events, thoughts, and more can all be made into great video posts. With the built-in editing tools on YouTube, and the numerous other tools such as iMovie and more, anyone can make their video look great and draw tons of viewers.


Looking for a simple and super sharable way to attract attention? Animated GIFs are a form of content that everyone loves. People are highly amused by them and they love to share them. Tumblr is a great source to search and find them but you can also easily create them yourself. GIF Brewery for Mac and Giffing Tool for Windows both allow you to simply capture any on-screen video and turn it into a high quality animated GIF. Capture video from YouTube and overlay hilarious text in minutes with interfaces easy enough for anyone to use.

We all consume content in different ways. Though text may be great for many, there are other ways people look to consume too. While we might not always be up for writing out every post, there are still tons of options for great sharable posts that will resonate with your readers.

Try out these text alternatives on your own blog and let us know how your readers eat it up!

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  1. Good Tips. Especially Videos really contain almost every form of content.
    An original way to get professional content without writing is to order a texter writing on your blog. You can eighter ask someone to write about a plot or just pay for quality content.

  2. Avatar India Rose says

    Oh yes, you are so right! We Pinterest Lovers definitely love ourselves a good infographic…I am currently teaching myself to make some good ones. Thanks for the great info!

  3. Great tips. Some bloggers are having trouble writing a content because of their busy schedule. One way to overcome this problem is to look for ways on how to make things easier. For me creating an infographic is one of the most powerful strategies to easily catch the attention of the people.

  4. Avatar Mr. Anonymous says

    Not such a great idea, Google doesn’t like thin content.

    • Google isn’t the end all, be all. Giving your audience great content to consume is more important than giving Google content to consume. Even if it’s not good searchable content, highly sharable content can drive tons of inbound links, social shares, and other traffic.

      Don’t bank solely on search.

      • Avatar Mr. Anonymous says

        Neglecting Google is a huge mistake IMO. And relying on social shares especially for someone new to internet marketing is going to be a very slow start for a newcomer.

        You can write valuable content for both Google and readers without sacrificing one or the other.

        • Creating the content discussed above isn’t neglecting Google at all. Search sees the social shares. It sees the link-backs. It sees the social chatter and everything else. Just because there isn’t text to index doesn’t mean it won’t rank very well. Look at all of the awesome content that ranks in the first 5 results. Much of it isn’t text at all.

          Non-text content is still content and still ranks very well on Google. In many cases it may be much easier to rank for a picture, video, or other content type than more traditional text based content which has much more competition. This is especially true for smaller sites which don’t have much of a chance to rank at all for even a great article while they may rank very highly with the content types talked about above.

          Changes made to Google in the past year have put a bigger and bigger focus on non-text content.

          As Google keeps telling us, quit focusing on search. Focus on creating great consumable content and you won’t have to worry about search.

          • Avatar David Neville says

            Google isn’t the end-all in the first post, but Google this Google that in the second? Search does matter; it goes together with content as deeply and style goes together with substance! Looking for help revolutionizing search.

          • In no way was I saying that search doesn’t matter. Just that it doesn’t have to be text to be drive traffic/shares/links, be relevant to your viewers interest, and still be searchable. All of the items mentioned in the article can rank very well in search.

  5. Avatar Henley Wing says

    Great ideas. I’d like to add another: tools. Neil Patel mentioned this in one of his posts. A good example is the Virante Author Rank tool.

  6. Avatar Harsh Wardhan Singh says

    The ideas as alternative to get traffic is good and I really like it. But I do not think that we can consider it as an alternative to content as being content rich has its own importance. Infographics and Video, I think can be considered as a better way than the other three as it may take less time as well.

    But on the other side I would like to thank you for a helpful share.


    • Changes to Google in the past year have put a bigger focus on non-text based content. You can rank very well with the type of content talked about about (and in many cases much higher than you would even for great content as competition is much lower for these types).

      Chances are the types of content mentioned above will see much higher shares than traditional text.

      • Avatar Harsh Wardhan Singh says

        Yeah I agree. With shares and traffic its good as I have mentioned but then when you talk about Content what first hits in mind is the authenticity, quality, richness and the value that it provides which will always be considered more in compared to any other way. No doubt the methods are great but as an alternative to Content we need to keep in mind every aspects that it provides. That is the reason I have mentioned Infographics and Video to be the possible alternatives as these two can cover the authenticity part.

        No matter how many changes will be there with Google and SEO Content is still the King and I think it will remain King for long. In-fact in a recent webinar GuyKawasaki also said it.

        I am not particularly targeting Google, but its just an opinion that in the end you have to get preference from the big G as well to drive search traffic.

        Harsh 🙂

  7. Content with less writing is a good alternative. However, there should be a balance on words and non-worded content since there are readers who still want to read important information in text. I agree with Harsh. While marketers invest on videos and infographics, investing on content rich efforts is still important.

  8. Avatar Akash Agarwal says

    We know that, content means lot of writing. But here you write about content with not much more writing, that’s amazing. I am really glad to know this interesting thing.

  9. Videos really contain almost every form of content.
    An original way to get professional content without writing is to order a texter writing on your blog. nice article 🙂