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Online Marketing News – Instagram is 120x Better Than Twitter, Foursquare Removes Check-ins, YouTube Gives You 3-Seconds

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Vine New Look

Vine Website Relaunches With New Features, Search, Better Discovery – Vine, the short video mobile sharing app that was acquired by Twitter in 2012, has debuted a new look for their website, with new features and a greater emphasis on discovery. AllTwitter

1/2 Older Mobile Users Now Own Smartphones – Just over half (51%) of mobile phone owners over the age of 55 now have smartphones, up 10% from 1Q13, according to a recent report from Nielsen. MarketingProfs

AOL, Google, Facebook, Twitter Launch To Take On Ad Scams – In an effort to address the plague of deceptive advertising which pocks the online ad industry, several of the biggest players are pooling their resources. Today, AOL, Facebook, Google and Twitter announced the launch of to expose and educate consumers about malicious advertising. Marketing Land

Foursquare Shuns Check-ins To Better Compete With Yelp, Google – Foursquare is doing something surprising, even radical. It’s removing some of the legacy features (i.e., check-ins) from its app and moving them over to a new app called Swarm (available soon). Search Engine Land

Personalized Targeting Key to Winning Mobile Consumers [Study] – Forrester Research’s recent report reveals that marketers must use a mobile-unique approach for integrated and individualized mobile ads. ClickZ

Instagram Posts Get 120x Twitter Engagement & 58x Facebook – Recently, Forrester studied more than 3 million user interactions with more than 2,500 brand posts on seven social networks and confirmed what marketers have long suspected: People don’t engage with branded social content very often. Forrester

Twitter Releases Study Showing Exposure To Brand Tweets Drives Action Online And Offline – Twitter released a study this week, in partnership with The Advertising Research Foundation, FOX and DB5, called “Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences — How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers.” Search Engine Journal

YouTube Now Lets Channel Owners Add 3-Second Intros To Their Videos – YouTube has made it possible for channel owners to add a three-second intro to their videos, helping them build a stronger brand presence on Google’s video platform. Marketing Land

Facebook Launches New Video Metrics – As more advertisers and page managers use video to get their brand’s message out, Facebook is launching new ways for admins to measure the effectiveness of their video campaigns. Inside Facebook

Yahoo Drops Support for Do Not Track – Personalized content is good for you, apparently. Yahoo will no longer honor Do Not Track requests from users. The Do Not Track (DNT) standard was designed to be a way for Internet users to opt out of personalized website content and advertising in one place with a single Web browser control. ClickZ

LinkedIn Adds Language Targeting and Personalized Page Feeds – LinkedIn has introduced language preference targeting and personalized page feeds, which it says will help global brands become more effective by providing more local content and conversations. ClickZ

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On the article, Over 100 B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2014, Barbara Mckinney shared, “Content marketing is now a necessity for b2b marketers. It’s so difficult to survive and compete with others without creating content to your site. Thanks for sharing this stats Lee! Good luck to your presentation.”

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  1. Hi Ben,

    I’ve noted this on Instgram. HEAVY engagement compared to twitter and other networks. All images, some videos, more eye candy and inspired friends.



    • Images see a higher rate of engagement than text-based updates on all social networks. Makes sense that a network of nothing but images (and some videos) would see a higher engagement rate than those that offer text in addition to video.

  2. what about Pinterest? I get the Instagram thing, as pictures people love, and read less, should that not translate to Pinterest?