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Online Marketing News: Google Boosts Encryption, Facebook On Schedule, Presence Isn’t Enough

Posted on Aug 8th, 2014
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  • Online Marketing News: Google Boosts Encryption, Facebook On Schedule, Presence Isn’t Enough
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    A Google Minute

    What Happens In A Google Minute? [Infographic] – What takes place on the worlds largest search engine in just 60 seconds?  The above infographic shows what goes down in a single minute on the busiest site on the net.  Click the image to checkout the full-sized version. SocialTimes

    Twitter’s Latest Experiment: Self-Explaining Hashtags – Twitter brought hashtags to the attention of the cultural masses, and it feels like hardly an hour passes now without seeing a hashtag plastered across a billboard, movie trailer or TV commercial. AllTwitter

    Pinterest Adds to Its Functionality With Icebergs Acquisition – Pinterest has purchased Icebergs, a company that allows creatives to collaborate on projects online. This acquisition, along with a number of new features Pinterest has launched lately, will change how content is curated and utilized within the platform, say industry participants. ClickZ

    Google Says Website Encryption – Or Lack Thereof – Will Now Influence Search Rankings – Google will begin using website encryption, or HTTPS, as a ranking signal – a move which should prompt website developers who have dragged their heels on increased security measures, or who debated whether their website was “important” enough to require encryption, to make a change. Initially, HTTPS will only be a lightweight signal, affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, says Google. TechCrunch

    Facebook Adds Ad Scheduling to Power Editor – Facebook quietly added a huge new feature to its Power Editor, giving advertisers who use lifetime budgets the ability to schedule hours during which their ads should or should not run. AllFacebook

    Google AdWords Debuts Dynamic Sitelinks Globally: What You Need To Know – Meet Dynamic Sitelinks, the latest ad snippet from Google AdWords. Dynamic sitelinks are another one of those add-ons — like seller ratings and consumer ratings annotations — in which advertisers don’t have control over what displays or when the content is triggered. Here’s what you need to know. Search Engine Land

    Facebook Claims More Than Half of Social Logins [Study] – Social infrastructure company Gigya’s quarterly social login report finds that Facebook accounts for more than half of social logins, and a whopping 64 of social logins on mobile. Facebook is still the leading source of social logins, according to new research from social media tools provider, Gigya. ClickZ

    LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Splits Into Separate App For Standalone Social Selling – The era of social selling is upon us and LinkedIn’s taken note. In response to the varying needs of its users, LinkedIn is dividing their apps and segmenting each with various tools. Marketing Land

    Twitter Has More Users in Asia Than North America (And That Gap is Getting Wider) [STATS] – Slightly less than a quarter of all Twitter users – about 60 million profiles – are based in the U.S., a number which was risen by 50 percent since the third quarter of 2012. AllTwitter

    Google Launches Google News Publisher Center – Google announced on the Google News blog a new portal for Google News publishers to use to help manage their news sites within Google News. The new portal is named Google News Publisher Center. Search Engine Land

    Twitter’s Ad Revenue Doubles in Q2 – Twitter released its second quarter earnings yesterday and financial analysts were, well, all a-twitter. Thanks in large part to a World Cup-related boost in activity, revenue for the quarter exceeded forecasts, up 129% to $312 million. The gain was right in synch with ad revenues, which rose by 129% to $277 million. Direct Marketing News

    A Social Media Presence Isn’t Enough – Brands Need Engagement [Report] – A new report from Sprinklr finds that simply developing social media platforms isn’t enough for brands — conversing with customers is to the key to avoiding alienating them. ClickZ

    From our Online Marketing Community:

    From Content Marketing Strategy Infographic – 12 Tips from SAP, Boeing, CAT, Progressive, John Deere, charity: water, Tyler J. Koenig said, “Content is king…context is queen.” Freaking awesome.”

    Dave Schneider added, “Nice infographic! The big companies are really beginning to come around and implement content marketing, and of course,, with their budgets, they teach some valuable lessons.”

    And Kostas shared, “”Content Marketers with a plan are more successful.” How true is that! I have never understood those who take a fly by the seat of their pants approach to content strategy.”

    And in response to Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Makes You Good Looking, More Money More Traffic for Facebook, Organic Is Still King, Dave Schneider said, “Couldn’t agree more that organic is still king. I get about 50% of my traffic from organic, social media doesn’t even compare.”

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    Infographic: SocialTimes