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Online Marketing News: Yahoo! Up Google Down, No Personalisation, Bye Bye Bing Digits

Posted on Jan 9th, 2015
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  • Online Marketing News: Yahoo! Up Google Down, No Personalisation, Bye Bye Bing Digits
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    B2B Sales Benchmarks

    New Data Exposes the Best and Worst Customer Conversion Channels [Infographic] – A new infographic from Implisit which reveals the most and least effective channels for customer conversion might prompt you to crack the newly approved plans open once more and make a few revisions. Implisit

    Facebook Gives Advertisers More Information on Conversion Pixels –  Facebook is providing more data for advertisers that use its conversion pixels. This additional data allows advertisers to get a better understanding of how their potential customers are seeing their ads. AllFacebook

    Report: Yahoo Search Share Up After Firefox Deal, Google Down – According to new data from StatCounter, Yahoo has seen a nearly 2 point search market share gain in the US in the past month. Attributing it to the recent Yahoo-Firefox default search deal, StatCounter reported that Yahoo had a share of 10.4 percent vs. 8.6 percent a year ago. Search Engine Land

    38% Of Marketers Do Not Use Personalisation: Report – More than a third of companies do not implement any form of personalisation in their marketing activities, according to a new report from Econsultancy. Econsultancy

    Study: How Much Time do Marketers Spend Planning Twitter and Facebook Content? – One in five U.S. marketing executives create their Twitter content on the same day of publication, reveals a new study. Percolate surveyed the length of time that marketers plan ahead their social media content, and found that 22 percent worked day-to-day on Twitter, compared to 14 percent who did the same on Facebook. AllTwitter

    Twitter Adds ‘While You Were Away’ To Top Of News Feeds – Microblogging platform Twitter has started rolling out a new feature known as ‘while you were away’ across its apps and website. The tool shows users a selection of tweets that Twitter considers as vital, and that its users may have missed while they were logged out or away. SocialBarrel

    If You’re Not Marketing on Bing You’re Missing 30% of U.S. Searchers – When people hear that nearly 30 percent of searchers in the US use Bing on a daily basis, most think they can reach 70 percent of searchers without Bing or reach Bing users somewhere else. Wrong on both counts. Entrepreneur

    Google to Tell Brands When Their Video Ads Are Actually Seen – Google is getting more transparent with advertisers about whether consumers are actually watching their online video ads. Ad Age

    WhatsApp Tops 700M Users, 30B Daily Messages – Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp surpassed two significant milestones, topping 700 million monthly active users, as well as 30 billion messages sent daily. AllFacebook

    Google: The News Algorithm Has Over 200 Ranking Factors – Stacie Chan from the Google News team posted in a Google News Help thread implying that the Google News ranking algorithm uses over 200 ranking factors for ranking. Search Engine Roundtable

    Yahoo Achieves Its Highest Search Share Since 2009 – Yahoo achieved its highest U.S. search share in more than five years last month, according to Web traffic analytics provider StatCounter. Search Engine Watch

    Bing Ads, Too, Says Goodbye To Phone Numbers In PPC Ad Copy – The free phone call ride is coming to an end for PPC advertisers. Back in April 2013, Google stopped allowing advertisers to put phone numbers in their AdWords ad copy. Today, Bing Ads announced a similar change. Search Engine Land

    From our Online Marketing Community:

    From 30 Favorite Quotes From Content Marketing Influencers in 2014, Kameel Vohra said, “My favourite is “This site, is built for people to come and get involved. … What matters to them?” Chris Brogan, Aug 12, 2014. I find it incredible how quickly all the internal stakeholders seem to forget about the customer.”

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    Infographic: Implisit