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Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Gets Elevated, Foursquare Gets Pinpointed, The Firehose Gets Cut Off

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Content Creation VS Content Sharing

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC] – If there were a magic wand to conquer the online content strategy, most, if not all, would give it a wave–or two. Unfortunately, there is no one magical solution to mastering your brand’s online presence, but there are a few ways you can revitalize it. See what content creation and content sharing can do for you. Social Media Today

Facebook, Twitter to Claim a Third of Display Ads in Two Years – A new forecast from eMarketer sees the two leading social networks claiming some $14 billion in display ad spending in two years, or nearly 34% of the estimated $37 billion category. Facebook will account for the major portion of those sales, booking $10 billion to Twitter’s $4 billion. eMarketer sees Facebook display revenues almost doubling Google’s in 2015, $6.8 billion to $3.5 billion. Direct Marketing News

Foursquare Launches Pinpoint: Cross-Platform, Location-based Ad Targeting – As Foursquare has pointed out through its partnership with Twitter, the company has a treasure trove of location data. Now it’s time to make more lucrative use of that. SocialTimes

Google Keyword Planner Tool Now Has Data To Compare You To Your Competitors – Google quietly announced on Google+ yesterday that the Keyword Planner tool within Google AdWords is being upgraded to add benchmark data so you can compare your performance to your competitors. Search Engine Roundtable

LinkedIn Introduces Elevate: Helping Companies Empower Their Employees To Share Content – Lots of professionals share content – like articles, blog posts, and presentations – on social and professional networks to strengthen their professional brands. But relatively few companies recognize that when they empower their employees to be social professionals, they not only change the trajectory of their employees’ careers, they change the trajectory of their businesses as well. LinkedIn [client]

Twitter Redesigns Embedded Tweets With Full-Width Photo and Video –  Twitter’s embedded tweets are about to get a makeover, the company revealed today in a blog post where it offered a glimpse of the new look. Search Engine Journal

YouTube Confirms Upcoming Ad-Free Paid Subscription Service – YouTube recently sent an email with new terms of service to its partners as it relates to a forthcoming subscription service. Following in the footsteps of YouTube Music Key, the site will soon offer an ad-free video experience for subscribers, and it will be splitting the revenue with creators. SocialTimes

Mobile Ad Spending Set to Double Desktop Ad Spending by 2017 – Mobile ad spending continued rising in 2014 and is expected to reach $28.7 billion this year, according to eMarketer’s “State of U.S. Digital Advertising” report released this month.  Ad Age

Google Quietly Drops In Depth Articles Title In Search Results – Google has quietly dropped the in depth articles title in the search results, blending them more into the organic listings. Search Engine Roundtable

Twitter Cuts Off Firehose Access to Third Party Data Resellers – News broke late Friday night that Twitter made a significant move towards bolstering its own big data business by cutting off firehose access to third parties. Twitter

Google Reveals Impact Of Store Visits On Conversions – Last year, Google added store visits to its Estimated Total Conversions feature. At the time, Google noted that “roughly 95% of retail sales take place in physical stores,” making the ability to measure the influence of online ads on offline sales of great importance. Econsultancy

Digital to Account for More Than a Quarter of All Ad Spend in 2016 – Data from 59 markets suggests that digital will, for the first time ever, account for more than a quarter of ad spend next year. Direct Marketing News

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In response to Content vs. Advertising – Is There Really A Debate?, Mitch Joel – Mirum said, “Agree that you should/can pay to make your great content get more distribution and impressions. Still, I feel like most marketers pay instead of letting the content do the heavy lifting.”

And Claudio Leonel Ordóñez Urrutia commented, “All, what you have written, can give light to any Marketing Strategy. But these two sentences are a knockout for any “Marketing Myth”: “Ad” does not automatically mean “crap”. Likewise, “content” does not automatically mean “success”. Congratulations and greetings from Guatemala.”

And on Four Ways CMOs Can Differentiate & Optimize Their Content Marketing Strategy, minalmewada said, “I love this! This is an awesome article, it really answered a lot of my questions. Thanks.”

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