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13 Marketing Stars Show The Big Picture of Content Marketing Strategy


“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’” –Audrey Hepburn

Content marketing can quickly become a whirlwind of creation, promotion and evolution of tactics. New platforms are constantly popping up and directives can change at the top of a hat. So, it’s no surprise when content campaigns become disorganized and lose focus.

If your content marketing isn’t having the impact it could, you’re not alone: Only 37% of B2C and 38% of B2B marketers say their content marketing is effective.

If you are in the vast majority of marketers who aren’t sure their performance is Oscar-worthy, the Content Marketing Institute is here to help with a dose of old-school Hollywood magic.

As part of the run-up to Content Marketing World 2015, we have rounded up some of the biggest stars in the content marketing world for the first eBook in our trilogy titled “The Big Picture of Content Marketing Strategy”.

In this eBook, you will learn tips for maximizing your content marketing effectiveness at each stage of the process. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have access to advice on building a solid content strategy from the thorough planning that lays the groundwork for success, to the amplification that helps your killer content reach your audience.

Whether or not you can make it to Content Marketing World’s star-studded premiere, this eBook has plenty of blockbuster insights. Below is a sneak preview of of what you’ll find from these content marketing stars, in handy tweetable form:


Robert Rose: “Content marketing strategy has everything to do with your business, but rarely your product.” @Robert Rose tweet this

Sarah Compagnoni: “Great content marketing strategy starts well before anyone clicks a link.” @saracompagnoni tweet this

Chris Moody: “To improve your content marketing, use customer feedback to inspire blog content.” @cnmoody tweet this

Cleve Gibbon: “Content marketing tactics without strategy is noise before defeat.” @cleveg tweet this

Joanne Cleaver: “Freelancers are a ‘halo’ of content talent for thinly staffed agencies & companies.” @jcleaver tweet this

Carlos Abler: “Become your customer’s hero by using archetypes to find the best fit for their needs.” @Carlos_Abler tweet this

Jay Baer: “Like trying to cut your hair sans mirror, content w/o strategy is possible, but not advisable.” @JayBaer tweet this

John Jantsch: “Today, SEO doesn’t really exist outside the context of content marketing strategy.” @ducttape tweet this

Loren McDonald: “Develop “umbrella” content that can be leveraged into multiple forms.” “@LorenMcDonald tweet this

Kristina Halvorson: “Marketers need to advocate beyond content delivery & focus on building customer relationships.” @halvorson tweet this

Brian Clark: “Put yourself in the customers’  shoes to experience the journey from their perspective.” @brianclark tweet this

James Moat: “The power of employees generating & sharing content is a greatly undervalued strategy.” @digecomm tweet this

David Beebe: “Content marketing is about serving customers something valuable & creating raving fans.” @davidbeebe tweet this

Ready For Your Close Up? “Watch” the Full Feature Below:

Preview of Coming Attractions

Coming up next is the dynamic middle installment of the content marketing trilogy, “Making Content Marketing the Star of Your Marketing”, is coming to a laptop, mobile device or tablet near you on June 15. And don’t miss the thrilling final chapter, Measuring Your Content Marketing Box Office Success, on June 22.

ebook CMW preview

This September 8th-11th, CMWorld 2015 brings the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood to Cleveland, Ohio. To learn more about the conference and reserve your place on the red carpet, visit the Content Marketing World website.

Lights, camera, action!

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