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#CMWorld Infographic: 12 Marketing Box-Office Titans Share Tips For Creating Blockbuster Content Marketing

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There’s a special kind of magic to behind-the-scenes photos from movie sets. You can see how a team of special effects wizards transforms a toy model into a spaceship hurtling towards an alien planet, or a lifeless doll into a skyscraper-climbing giant gorilla. Knowing how the trick is done somehow makes the finished product even more satisfying. That’s especially true if you’re a kid with a camera trying to bring your own dreams to the silver screen.

In the newest eBook series co-produced by TopRank Marketing and Content Marketing Institute, we asked content marketing wizards to take us behind-the-scenes and show us how they make their own brand of magic. Their advice is inspiring to anyone who wants to create great content that connects with an audience.

The infographic below contains content marketing tips from the entire eBook triple feature and features 12 of the speakers from the upcoming Content Marketing World conference. Let their expert advice inspire you to create your own blockbuster content marketing.

Here are some tweetable takeaways from the infographic:

Sarah C- 062815
Sarah Compagnoni: “Great content marketing strategy starts well before anyone clicks a link.” @SarahCompagnoni tweet this

j moat
James Moat: “The power of employees generating & sharing content is a greatly undervalued strategy.” @digecomm tweet this

b clark
Brian Clark:
“Put yourself in the customers’ shoes to experience the content marketing journey from their perspective.” @brianclark tweet this

cleve g
Cleve Gibbon: “
Be clear on what you need to say & why it’s relevant to your audience at that point in their lives.” @cleveg tweet this

a handley 62815
Ann Handley:
“Your story is the thing that sets your content marketing apart. What’s your story? And how do you tell it?” @annhandley tweet this

j rohrs 62815
Jeffrey Rohrs:
“Scene stealing content marketing is sales activated, marketing promoted, optimized & reported.” @jkrohrs tweet this

a higgins 62815
Amy Higgings:
“Before publishing content, follow a launch plan checklist to make sure you haven’t left out steps.” @amywhiggins tweet this

k wincko 62815
Ken Wincko:
“Successful content needs to be the 3 C’s: Credible, Compelling, & Consistent.” @KenWincko tweet this

Lee Odden:
“For content marketing success, make all content accountable & measurable to attract, engage, & convert.” @leeodden tweet this

Todd Wheatland:
“Link content marketing strategy to results by using a repeatable process & collecting the measurements that matter, in real-time.” @ToddWheatland tweet this

Julie Fleischer:
“Content marketing success starts by first determining what critical measurements drive spending decisions.” @jfly tweet this

jpulizzi - 0619
Joe Pulizzi:
“If you’re trying to measure the value of your content marketing, create a subscription program.” @joepulizzi tweet this

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Experience the entire thrill-a-minute eBook trilogy on-demand:

The Big Picture of Content Marketing Strategy

Making Content Marketing the Star of Your Marketing

Measuring Content Marketing Box Office Success

For more information on the speakers and their sessions, check out the Content Marketing World 2015 website.

See you at the movies!

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