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The Force is Strong with Content Marketing World 2016 #CMWorld

Posted on Sep 7th, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we traveled to Cleveland for Content Marketing World 2015. These days, it seems that time (and content marketing) travels at the speed of light.

    For those of you that don’t know, Content Marketing World is the largest content marketing conference in the galaxy (as far as we know), and marketers have traveled from all over the globe to spend the week learning and connecting on the topic of content marketing. In fact, Luke Skywalker has travelled all the way to Cleveland to give this year’s closing keynote!

    To help you fight against the Galactic Empire (otherwise known as your competitors) here are some must-attend sessions at Content Marketing World.

    September 7, 2016

    Clairvoyance in the Age of Content Discovery – Content is Only Half the Story
    Speaker: Anthony Hearne, Outbrain
    Time: 10:30am

    Marketers around the globe are reviewing the data, scratching their heads and then looking at the data again. One of the codes that many marketers still haven’t been able to crack is that of user intent.

    However, what may seem random in terms of content consumption may actually follow a more predictable path. In this session, attendees will examine how data can inform and transform the marketing journey.

    The Microsoft Factor: Scaling Influencer Marketing to Transform a Global Brand
    Speakers: Pierre-Loïc Assayag, Traackr
    Amanda Duncan & Eve Psalti, Microsoft
    Time: 12:35pm

    Scaling ideas like influencer marketing at a large enterprise brand is not always an easy undertaking. In order to be successful, brands must integrate everything from C-suite, to the social message shared each day.

    In this session, you’ll gain insights into how Microsoft tackled influencer marketing and produced a scalable program that is reaping rewards for their brand. You’ll also learn how to overcome common challenges with your own influencer marketing programs and how to incorporate lessons from Microsoft’s journey into your strategy.

    How Dell Approaches Integrated & Authentic Influencer Marketing
    Speakers: Lauren Mauro & Shelley Ryan, Dell
    Time: 2:15pm

    “Two sessions in a row about influencer marketing” you ask? Yes! This presentation will focus on the importance of collaboration between teams for successful influencer marketing.

    Attendees will get a glimpse into how Dell approaches influencer relations as well as an actionable framework and tips for creating a culture of collaboration within your organization.

    Keynote – A look back at the best marketing of 2017
    Speaker: Ann Handley, MarketingProfs
    Time: 5:05pm

    While many content marketers are reflecting on the past year, Ann Handley is already looking into the future. In her keynote, Ann will challenge the audience to begin planning for success in 2017 now as well as insight into the elements it takes to be successful.

    Plus, it’s Ann Handley. You can’t miss it! 

    September 8, 2016

    Audience Building through Strategic Targeting, Retargeting & Sequencing
    Speaker: Bryan Rhoads, Intel
    Time: 10:00am

    When you don’t know who your content is for, your chances of creating a successful program, and content ROI greatly decreases.

    In this session, attendees will learn how to successfully map content to targeted audiences, strategic audience building and best practices for building the right audiences for your brand.

    The New Rules of Global Customer Engagement: How to Build Momentum for Your Brand Around the World
    Speaker: Tami Cannizzaro, Oracle
    Time: 11:05am

    Timing isn’t always everything, but it can have an impact on the success of your content marketing.

    The timing of your content can have a big impact on its relevance to your audience. In this session from Oracle, you’ll find ways to monitor your industry to find opportunities to lead the conversation and measure the value of your customer engagement efforts.

    Optimize the ROI of Your Content Agency Investment
    Speaker: Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing
    Time: 12:05pm

    Brands large and small are investing in digital marketing agencies to help scale their marketing programs. Agencies can provide a very important role in marketing programs, if the relationship is handled appropriately.

    In this session, you’ll gain access to a framework that will help you decide what type of agency will be a fit for your brand, how to set expectations, and how to improve workflow. Ultimately, you’ll walk away understanding what type of digital marketing agency is the best fit for your organization.

    How to Build An Audience-First Approach to Content Marketing
    Speaker: John von Brachel, Bank of America
    Time: 2:50pm

    Over the past few years, marketers have become acutely aware of how important it is to put their audience first. Unfortunately, that’s often much easier said than done.

    This session will cover insights of what it takes to truly create an audience-first strategy, how to organize talent and delivering at moments that matter.

    Team Building: How to Staff, Structure & Budget A Content Marketing Team
    Speaker: Amanda Todorovich, Cleveland Clinic
    Time: 2:50pm

    It takes many companies a few rounds of trial and error to find the right combination for their marketing teams. Knowing exactly how many of each position you need to fill and how to find the right people for the job can be a giant undertaking.

    In this session, you’ll have the benefit of learning how Cleveland Clinic successfully built a 20-person content marketing team. You’ll gain access to what roles and responsibilities should exist within successful content teams as well as some workflows and tools to help on your journey.

    May the Force Be With You!

    We’re so excited to spend the next two days learning from and connecting with talented content marketers from around the world. If you’re unable to attend Content Marketing World, or can’t make it to every session, be sure to tune in to for coverage of some of these sessions. You can also follow us on Twitter for live updates on @TopRank, @leeodden and @azeckman.


    I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible!




    Disclosure: Traackr and Dell are TopRank Marketing clients.