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20 Jokes Only a Marketer Could Love


It’s well past time for marketers to get serious about comedy. The best way to connect with an audience is by authentically appealing to them on a human level. Adding humor to marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make that appeal.

Telling a joke does more than provide a moment’s diversion. When people share in a joke, it creates a sense of belonging. If you’ve ever sat around trading in-jokes with your friends, you know what I mean.

Humor can be a way to draw a circle around a group and pull them in—to say, “If you understand this joke, we’re in the same tribe. You get me and I get you.” That’s a powerful message to send to your potential customers. And it’s a good way to get the less relevant folks to opt out, too.

To underscore this point, I wrote 20 brand-new jokes that only marketers will get. If any of these jokes make you laugh, groan, or smirk, you’re in my tribe. Matching T-shirts are optional.

What I’m trying to say is, there’s nothing like a good joke.  And believe me, everything you’re about to read is nothing like a good joke.

20 Jokes that are Just for Marketers:

Q: Why couldn’t the marketer sell his baking equipment?

A: He had a leaky funnel.


Q: What’s a pirate’s favorite content format?

A: WebinARRR! Preferably one that’s B2Sea.


Q: Why can’t the marketer go see live musicals anymore?

A: He keeps trying to capture the leads.


Q: Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?

A: She wanted to get paid per click.


Q: What kind of marketing does Dracula do?

A: a-COUNT based marketing!


Q: Why did the marketer fail at honey harvesting?

A: Instead of tapping the hive, he insisted on going B2B.


Q: Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?

A: Lack of engagement.


Q: Why did the marketer burn his initials into a leather jacket?

A: He was working on his personal brand.


Q: What do black hat SEO’s put in their Thanksgiving turkey?

A: Keyword stuffing!


Q: Knock, knock!

A: Who’s there?

Q: Remarketing!

A: Remarketing, who?

Q: Knock, knock!

A: Who’s there?

Q: Remarketing!


When I was getting my marketing degree, I had a 4.0 GPA. There wasn’t a B2C anywhere.


Q: Did you hear about the email marketer who started an ape breeding business?

A: He failed because all he had were MailChimps.


Q: What’s a social media marketer’s favorite kind of cracker?

A: Insta-Grahams!


Q: Why did the social media marketer get kicked out of the bowling alley?

A: She kept trying to sponsor the pins!


Q: What do you call a cow with a blog post stamped on its skin?

A: Branded content!


Q: Why should you never get sushi with a marketer?

A: They insist on showing pre-roll ads.


Q: Did you hear about the new tactic where you co-create content with ill celebrities?

A: It’s called influenza marketing. It’s really going viral.


Q: Why is Joe Pulizzi great at binge-watching TV?

A: He’s enjoyed a lot of success focusing on one channel.


Did you hear about the marketer who imitates celebrities? He’s quite the bargain. He only charges per thousand impressions.


Q: Knock, knock!

A: Who’s there?

Q: A/B testing!

A: A/B testing, who?

Q: Would this joke be funnier if it were about screwing in a light bulb?


Humor brings people together. The corniest of puns can serve a valuable purpose if it tells your audience that you’re part of their tribe. If you enjoyed these jokes, I hope they inspire you to add more humor to your content.

What’s your favorite marketing joke? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. The pirate one, the pirate one! LOL

    • Joshua Nite Joshua Nite says

      Non-marketing version: What be a pirate’s favorite letter? (someone shouts “ARRRR!”) Aye, ye might think so, but really it’s The C.

  2. If you have got a way with words, images, people and strategy are plugged into the now, and you have could with takes to enjoy a successful and stimulating career in marketing.

  3. Hahhaa brilliant 😀

  4. Avatar wojciech.dziedzic says

    Q: what a SEO says when he sees twins?
    A: Duplicate content

  5. Thanks for these. Teaching these to @AskGrowthBot.