1. Hi Joshua,

    Very interesting, indeed.

    Now, I don’t generally work with “big businesses,” but I do a lot of consultation with freelancers… freelance writers, graphic designers etc.

    To help them land good jobs and avoid the “production mills” where they get paid pennies on the dollar, I use a lot of the strategies you talk about here.

    Very helpful, and yes, it applies to freelancers looking to sign up jobs with business clients, too.


    • Avatar Joshua Nite says

      That makes a lot of sense – Freelancers are, essentially, their own sales and marketing teams. As a content guy myself, I would love to see them be more proactive in asserting their value to key clients versus accepting the bare minimum. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Avatar Luke Harris says

    Wow this is super helpful. I have always had difficulties with segmenting our marketing as our customers are so diverse. It makes a lot of sense to target specific accounts and customize our content accordingly. Thanks!

  3. This article is very helpful to target specific accounts and change our content accordingly. It is useful for organizations to find a target audience and resources. Thank you for sharing this valuable post..