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Digital Marketing News: Traditional vs. Programmatic, Twitter Lite & LinkedIn Lead Gen

Posted on Apr 7th, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Digital Marketing News: Traditional vs. Programmatic, Twitter Lite & LinkedIn Lead Gen
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    Traditional vs. Programmatic Media Buying [Infographic]
    Programmatic media buying is all over the digital marketing sphere. What are the key differences between programmatic and traditional media buying? This infographic lays them out side by side. MarketingProfs

    Introducing Twitter Lite
    To combat slower mobile networks, expensive data usage and a lack of mobile storage experienced by some users, Twitter has launched Twitter Lite. The new offering is a mobile web experience that minimizes data usage and takes up less than 1MB of space. Twitter

    LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Streamline the Lead-Generation Process
    LinkedIn (client) has enabled lead gen forms to help advertisers provide a seamless, in-app experience for their sponsored content on mobile devices. The form is easily filled out with a prospect’s LinkedIn info, and after conversion they’re sent to a customized thank you page in the app guiding them to their next step. AdWeek

    Google Analytics remarketing lists go cross-device May 15
    Google has announced they’ll be rolling out logged-in user based retargeting across devices, first announced in September, on May 15th of this year. This will allow advertisers to serve more relevant ads to their customers, meeting them where they are. Marketing Land

    Did J.P. Morgan Chase Just Start a Digital Advertising Revolution?
    Chase recently reduced the amount of sites on which they buy ad space programmatically from 40,000 to 5,000 – essentially white listing specific media sites that show content which is more aligned to their customer base. Will this start a trend in the industry? Ad Age

    Twitter @Replies Are No Longer Counted in Your 140 Characters – Here’s How it Works
    The time has finally come! Twitter @ replies, after nearly a year, are finally not being counted in the overall 140-character count of each Tweet. Now you can finally have all 140 characters of your reply — use them wisely. Social Media Today

    Google Introduces Verified Customer Reviews, Retires Trusted Stores Program
    Search Engine Journal reports: “Google is retiring its Trusted Stores program while introducing a brand new way to gain customers’ confidence — verified customer reviews .. The key difference between the two review types are that ‘Customer Reviews’ are verified to have been left by customers who have legitimately made a purchase from the business’s website.” Search Engine Journal

    What were your top digital marketing news stories this week?

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