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Pubcon Pro 2018 Search Marketing Conference Wrap-up

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Chris Boggs, Barry Schwartz, Lee Odden, Brett Tabke, and Lane R. Ellis at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018

For those in the know and that go beyond clickbait headlines, Search Marketing delivers an incredible punch to a marketing mix. But it takes work, especially when you consider the hundreds of factors that go into ranking decisions for every one of the billion plus queries that Google tries to answer each month.

Part of that work is staying on top of search engine optimization and advertising best practices. For that, several members of the TopRank Marketing team recently attended the Pubcon Pro conference in Las Vegas.

After essentially getting my start in public speaking as a marketer at Pubcon many years ago, I have returned to the search marketing industry with my third speaking appearance in a row at a Pubcon event in the past 12 months.

Even more of a Pubcon veteran than myself, is Lane Ellis, Social Media and Content Marketing Manger for TopRank Marketing. Lane worked at Pubcon for 10 years before joining our team and with his return to Pubcon as an attendee, he was on hand at the event making sure we covered the conference through our social channels and with many, many photos as seen in this post.

Also representing the TopRank Marketing banner was Tiffani Allen, Senior Account Manger. Tiffani did a fantastic job live blogging, social sharing and engaging other attendees as a representative of the TopRank Marketing brand.

Tiffani Allen, Lee Odden, and Lane R. Ellis at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018

Together, Lane and Tiffani covered multiple sessions through live blogging which you can read below:

Scott Monty Speaking at Pubcon Photo by Lane R. Ellis
Top Brand Personalization Secrets From Scott Monty – Lane

Ben Morss of Google at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018
4 Reasons to Get AMP’d Up About Google AMP with Google’s Ben Morss – Tiffani

Roger Dooley at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018
Reduce Friction, Increase Loyalty: Key Insights from Roger Dooley – Tiffani

Microsoft's Purna Virji at Pubcon Las Vegas 2018 Photo by Lane R. Ellis
How to Optimize Customer Experience with AI – Top Tips from Microsoft’s Purna Virji – Lane

Lee Odden speaking at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018 Photo by Lane R. Ellis
5 Secrets for Growing Influence in Marketing: Key Takeaways from Lee Odden – Tiffani

Joe Pulizzi at Pubcon 2018 Photo by Lane R. Ellis
Joe Pulizzi Shares What it Takes to be a Content Brand – Tiffani

Debra Jasper Pubcon Las Vegas 2018 Keynote Photo By Lane R. Ellis
You Have 8 Seconds – GO! Brand Trust Secrets With Debra Jasper – Lane

As mentioned above, Lane, Tiffani and I were actively sharing our observations of the Pubcon Pro experience through our personal and agency social channels. That effort seems to have paid off with @toprank showing up all three days as a brand “most talked about” according to Christopher Penn‘s analysis:


US Search Awards 2018
Another great moment from Pubcon Pro was attending the US Search Awards. Much thanks and appreciation to Olga Andrienko from the award-winning SEO software platform SEMrush for inviting me. It was great to see so many talented companies win including Bill Hunt for his brilliant work with Absolut and to Barry Schwartz for Search Personality of the Year. Of course SEMrush won best SEO software platform too – congratulations all!

Beyond attending sessions, live blogging and social sharing, we also produced at mini-conference ebook featuring 10 of the keynote and main stage speakers which has had thousands of views:

Pubcon Pro

And last, but not least, I gave one of those main stage presentations on how marketers can grow more trust and influence in marketing.

Marketing Influence Pubcon

Overall it was a great event and a welcome refresher on all things search marketing related from data informed content to link building to the role of bots and personalization.

Thank you Brett Tabke and the Pubcon team for continuing the tradition of quality content at the world’s oldest search marketing conference!

Pubcon Audience


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