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Digital Marketing News: Google’s Demographic Targets, People Analytics, Pinterest’s Carousel Ads, & the Psychology of Social Sharing

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2018 November 9 News CallMiner Image

The Importance of Listening to Customers [Infographic]
How customer interactions affect your bottom line, why they leave, and the important of listening are all examined in a new infographic from CallMiner. HubSpot

With B2B Marketing, It’s Back to the Basics
Going back to the basics can pay off in the B2B marketing world, and the benefit of segmentation is the focus of a new customer-relationship-management-centric take on this sector of digital marketing. destinationCRM

Better People Analytics
The analytics of people has become increasingly important, with over 70 percent of firms now saying people analytics is a high priority, and the Harvard Business Review takes a close look at the trend. Harvard Business Review

Pinterest’s new Promoted Carousel ads will display up to 5 swipable images in a single ad
Pinterest has launched an expanded advertising format that allows as many as 5 images in a single carousel ad, making it possible to send each to a separate link. Marketing Land

Twitter is finally bringing back its chronological timeline
Under increasing pressure from many users, Twitter has implemented a compromise allowing switching between algorithmic and pure chronological feeds. FastCompany

Why marketers should be scared of ignoring 50-plus women
50-plus women have been called super-consumers, and hold an increasingly important place when it comes to digital marketing spend and demographics. Campaign US

The Psychology of Social Sharing—What Makes People Engage with Your Social Media Content?
A look at how recent social media company algorithmic refinements have made it increasingly difficult to reach and engage with social audiences. Skyword

2018 November 9 Statistics Image

A groundbreaking study reveals how we want machines to treat us
The journal Nature has published an MIT Media Lab study detailing how we prefer machines to treat us, with implications in digital marketing and beyond. FastCompany

Six Tips to Ensure Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts Are Not Wasted
MarketingProfs takes a look at the importance of building a B2B content marketing strategy that aligns with your mission statement, along with an examination of several other methods for increasing efficiency. MarketingProfs

B2B buyers take the long view on what and where they purchase online
The online journey B2B buyers take and their expectations were two of the subjects examined in a new study from B2BecNews, offering some surprising findings. Digital Commerce 360

Facebook begins rolling out analytics for Instagram accounts & expanded Page analytics
Facebook has started testing new Instagram analytics and measurements for Facebook Pages, rolling out over the next several months in its analytics dashboard. Marketing Land

Google Quietly Introduces New Detailed Demographic Targets
Google has offered up an array of new and more detailed demographic information aimed at refining targets. WordStream

2018 November 9 Marketoonist Cartoon

A lighthearted look at the marketing dashboard by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Instagram Surpasses Snapchat As Most-Used App By U.S. Teens [The Onion] — The Onion


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