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25 Top B2B Marketing Influencers To Follow In 2021

Posted on Nov 3rd, 2020
Written by Lane Ellis
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    Each year MarketingProfs B2B Forum is filled to the brim with the latest insightful B2B marketing tactics and strategies presented by a powerhouse lineup of exceptional speakers, and this year is no different aside from the virtual element the pandemic has necessitated.

    MPB2B will take place November 4 – 5, 2020 and features a stellar group of B2B marketing professionals the programming team at MPB2B has carefully assembled, in a new virtual format designed to bring you all the freshest industry knowledge without any of the screen fatigue.

    Just who are the experts that MPB2B has carefully chosen for this year’s event?

    To help B2B marketing professionals learn more and connect with the experts and influential speakers at this year’s event, we’ve sorted through the master list of presenters to identify 25 of the top B2B marketing social influencers to follow and learn from in 2021 and beyond.

    List Methodology: Our starting point is to identify and validate the credentials of all the speakers presenting at MPB2B. We then imported this scrubbed information into the influencer marketing platform Traackr. Using Traackr’s algorithm for ranking, we sorted the MPB2B speakers according to their respective B2B marketing social influence using reach, relevance, resonance, and audience metrics.

    A variety of criteria go into such a ranking, including:

    • Topical relevance of the content each influencer publishes
    • Network engagement with on-topic content
    • Network size and reach

    Online data for these rankings is pulled not only from Twitter, but also from blogs, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, and several other platforms — an important item to know, as many lists rely entirely on Twitter and don’t take into account relevant influencer activity from additional platforms in the social media universe.

    Network B2B Marketers

    Many thanks go out to each of these generous speakers who provide top-notch B2B marketing best practices, tips, and advice during this year unlike any other.

    In our list for 2020 you’ll likely see several familiar faces, along with a refreshing mix of new B2B marketing industry influencers.

    If you’d like to follow all 25 B2B marketers in one shot, we’ve made a Twitter list for you. Enjoy!


    Ann Handley @MarketingProfs
    Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
    Presenting: KEYNOTE: Toast by the Fire: A Fireside Chat with Toast, Inc.’s Kevin Hamilton + Ann Handley About Marketing in a Covid World
    Presenting: How to Create an Email Newsletter People Will Clear Their Calendars to Read: 5 Lessons from the Past 8 Months


    Lee Odden @LeeOdden
    CEO, TopRank Marketing
    Presenting: New Research: How to be Successful With Influencer Marketing


    Christopher Penn @cspenn
    Co-Founder, Trust Insights
    Presenting: B2B Marketing Analytics Strategy
    Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Christopher S. Penn

    Pam Didner

    Pam Didner @PamDidner
    B2B Tech Marketing Consultant & Author, Relentless Pursuit
    Presenting: 5 Creative Ways Marketers Can Support Their B2B Sales Team

    Carla Johnson

    Carla Johnson @CarlaJohnson
    Keynote Speaker, Author, Marketing & Innovation Strategist
    Presenting: Innovators and Intrapreneurs: B2B Marketing’s Next Big Role

    Mark Schaefer

    Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer
    Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Consultant
    Presenting: The Pandemic Made Me Reimagine Marketing

    Gini Dietrich

    Gini Dietrich @ginidietrich
    Founder & CEO, Spin Sucks
    Presenting: The Blueprint to Build a PESO Model Content Marketing Program


    Robert Rose @Robert_Rose
    Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute
    Presenting: Re-Boot Your B2B Content Marketing Measurement In 20 Minutes

    David Meerman Scott

    David Meerman Scott @dmscott
    Fandom Strategist, Fanocracy
    Presenting: Keynote: YES, You Can Build Passionate Fans in B2B Businesses!

    Juntae DeLane

    Juntae DeLane @JuntaeDeLane
    Founder & Chief Strategist, Digital Delane
    Presenting: Future-Proof your Brand: How to Grow Your Brand In A Time of Crisis

    Jon Miller

    Jon Miller @jonmiller
    Chief Product Officer, Demandbase
    Presenting: I Predicted Marketing Automation and It Changed Everything – Here’s What’s Next

    Jason Falls

    Jason Falls @JasonFalls
    Director of Digital & Social Strategy, Cornett
    Presenting: Winfluence: Rethinking Influencer Marketing


    Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz
    Virtual Keynote Speaker, iSocialFanz
    Presenting: Re-Inventing Virtual Presentations So They Suck Less


    Andy Crestodina @crestodina
    Co-Founder & CMO, Orbit Media Studios
    Presenting: Advanced Content Marketing And Optimization for B2B Marketers

    Ardath Albee

    Ardath Albee @ardath421
    CEO, Marketing Interactions
    Presenting: Dance with the Ones You Know: Use Retention Strategy to Grow

    Joe Lazauskas

    Joe Lazauskas @joelazauskas
    Head of Marketing, Contently
    Presenting: How to Create Truly Memorable Content According to Neuroscience


    Melanie Deziel @mdeziel
    Chief Content Officer, StoryFuel
    Presenting: How to Generate Hundreds of Content Ideas Quickly & Easily

    Ashley Zeckman

    Ashley Zeckman @azeckman
    Senior Director, Inprela Communications
    Presenting: How to Create Meaningful Experiences That Inspire Action in an Unpredictable World

    Nick Westergaard

    Nick Westergaard @nickwestergaard
    Chief Strategist, Brand Driven Digital
    Presenting: Presidentially Speaking: B2B Communication Secrets from US History


    Doug Kessler @dougkessler
    Creative Director & Co-Founder, Velocity Partners
    Presenting: B2B Content Ideas Worth Stealing

    Ashley Faus

    Ashley Faus @ashleyfaus
    Content Strategy Lead, Software Teams, Atlassian
    Presenting: Scaling Thought Leadership: Four Pillars to Fast-Track Your Strategy


    Zontee Hou @ZonteeHou
    President & Chief Strategist, Media Volery
    Presenting: Future-Proof Your Social Media Strategy Through Smart Measurement

    Ahava Leibtag

    Ahava Leibtag @ahaval
    President, Aha Media Group
    Presenting: Be a Better Marketer By Being a Better Baker

    Keith Reynold Jennings

    Keith Reynold Jennings @keithjennings
    Vice President, Community ImpactPresident, Jackson Healthcare
    Presenting: Higher Ground: A Guide to Navigating Success & Significance in Your Career

    Ty Heath

    Tyrona Heath @tyrona
    Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute, LinkedIn
    Presenting: KEYNOTE with Ty Heath — Evolve your Strategy: 3 Mega Marketing Trends to Outperform Your Competition

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    Thank you to influencer marketing platform Traackr for the use of their software to make this list possible, and to all of the top-notch influencers on the list.

    Be sure to connect with the TopRank Marketing team virtually attending the #MPB2B conference including Lee, who will be presenting “New Research: How to be Successful With Influencer Marketing” on Thursday, November 5th at 12:55 p.m. Eastern, and look for live-blog coverage here on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.