BIGLIST of Twitter Tools

This list of Twitter tools is a work in progress. While there are many tool lists for Twitter published on the web, all entries on this list have come from Tweeple following @leeodden. – Twitter user search and profiler – mdjensen – Twitter users organized by business categories from iEntry

twitteriffic – Desktop app for Mac – tonyadam – Mobile app – alasaarela – Conversation tracker – pplpwrd – Like Techmeme for Twitter
twitterbar – Firefox plugin for posting links – trishussey – Find local Tweeple – mastermaq – Like Google Alerts for Twitter – mdjensen
livetwitting – For live twitting an event – mdjensen

happytwitday – Never forget Twitter friends’ birthdays again – mdjensen
tweetmarks – Bookmark to Delicious from Twitter – mdjensen – Like Yahoo Answers for Twitter – mdjensen
twanslate – Translate short phrases with Twitter – mdjensen – Make word clouds – status_girl – Find new Twitter friends
twitterlights – Highlight snippets and Twitter them – genuine
twitbin – Firefox extension enables Tweeting from the browser – myklroventine
doesfollow – See of one user follows another – myklroventine
twistori – Love, hate think, feel, believe and wish from the Twitterse – myklroventine
twittersnooze – Quiet noisy Tweeps – myklroventine
twittearth – 3D visualization of global Tweeting – myklroventine

secrettweet – Like PostSecret for Twitter – myklroventine
tinytwitter – Mobile Twitter client
gTwitter – Twhirl alternative for Linux users

For a really BIGLIST of Twitter apps, check out the Twitter Fan Wiki

Do you have a favorite Twitter tool to share? Follow @leeodden and post a link. Or email twitter -at- toprankresults -dot- com with a link and your Twitter account name and we’ll give you credit.