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BMW Site Gets Spanked by Google

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Notice to search marketers: Your brand will not save you from the consequences of screwing with search engines. Lots of fun commentary on this one:

Google blacklists BMW.de – CNET News.com

Ramping up on international webspam – Matt Cutts of Google

BMW cheats search-engines, Google removes it from search results – Boing Boing

For Matt Cutts to point out a crackdown on international search spam, I suspect there has been a lot of it going on un-checked. Or at least not under as much scruitiny as English language sites.

Time for BMW.de to clean up their act and brush up on steps to a re-inclusion request.

I wonder how BMW Public Relations is going to handle this? Do you think they’ll “out” the SEO?

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Sebastian Interviews Google Sitemaps Team

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Sebastian has an excellent interview with the Google Sitemaps team over at his Smart IT Consulting site.

Some excerpts:

“Sitemaps convey some very important metadata about the sites and pages which we could not infer otherwise, like the page’s priority and refresh cycle.”

And how Google Sitemaps work:

“Sitemaps are downloaded periodically and then scanned to extract links and metadata. The valid URLs are passed along to the rest of our crawling pipeline — the pipeline takes input from ‘discovery crawl’ and from Sitemaps. The pipeline then sends out the Googlebots to fetch the URLs, downloads the pages and submits them to be considered for our different indices.”

Matt Cutts adds:

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Take a Few Cutts from Google’s Matt

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Matt Cutts was recently interviewed on WebmasterRadio.fm’s SEO Rockstars show with Oilman and Webguerrilla.

Rand has posted some insightful take aways including Matt’s thoughts on Sandbox, BigDaddy, linkbait and that v7ndotcom malarkey.

If you need more Matt Cutts, then listen to this previous interview, also at WebmasterRadio.fm and of course, you would do well to visit his blog, where he provided an update on Bigdaddy recently.

Bigdaddy is the rollout of some signigicant infrastructure changes at Google and to see Bigdaddy search results compared to current results, try this. Although Matt says, “I‚Äôd expect a new data center to be converted to Bigdaddy roughly every 10 days”, so a normal search on Google.com will likely return Bigdaddy style results.

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Google Shares and Goobuntu OS

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Is the ? I don’t think so. While earnings expectations were met, news of Google’s share price dropping is all over the place.

Rumors about , a suspected will do little to put them back on track though.

How much can a company grow before it finds it’s boundaries? Is there really a limit to how big and pervasive Google can get?

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Google Toolbar 4 for SEO

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Aaron posts a great rundown on Google Toolbar 4 for Internet Explorer and what it means for search engine optimization.

He offers some cool SEO buttons that you can add to the toolbar as well as these interesting observations:

“If you have not yet started a Google account (or a few of them) it may be worth creating some such that you can leverage them down the road. Older Google accounts with longer search histories may be trusted to weight the end search results more than new accounts (similarly to how Google typically trusts old domains more than new ones).”

“Get busy tagging your sites and friends sites if you have not done so yet. Don’t forget to tag some legit authority sites to also keep your search profile looking somewhat legitimate and trustworthy.”

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Google is Dead

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In this month’s Business 2.0, “2006 Smart List” issue, Google was bestowed “The Smartest Company of the Year” honors. In the ensuing article four scenarios on the possible future of Google were outlined. Three were optimistic and the fourth was doomsday for Google by 2020.

The cause? Hold on to your seat, because this is damn hilarious ….. SEO.

Yes, Rand, you’re given credit – it’s all your fault. And Microsoft.

From the absurd article:

“The once-mighty search engine falls prey to privacy intrusion, optimizers, and Microsoft.”

This article was good humor. The demise contributed by search engine optimization is credited to the focus on Google optimization by so many SEOs, that MSN’s search engine is ignored and that Google search results fill with pron and irrelevant sites. MSN search in the meantime, takes this time to develop without notice by SEOs.

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Google Roundup

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A few things on Google today that I decided to roundup all in one post:

Possible new Google interface. Anyone else seeing this? Via PC World

David Utter from WPN posts about an offline Google AdWords Editor application that is in beta, “invite only” mode.

“AdWords Editor is Google’s free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Now you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns”

Localizing blog points out an interesting TV commercial (notice the reflection in the TV) for Pontiac where at the end, the viewer is invited to search for Pontiac on Google. Business Week has a great article on Google advertising which includes a quote from GM’s head of sales/marketing, Mark LaNeve:

TopRank Marketing Editor

Five things to consider when changing websites.

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Every year or so, companies decide to go and update their website. Not just a few pages, but usually the entire design and structure. This can be a big factor in search engine optimization and whether it’s positive or negative depends on how you do it.

There are lots of things everyone has to keep in mind when changing websites. Most things need to be thought of before hand, not after, and any issues should be addressed before a new site goes live.

Here are five things to keep in mind.

• URLs
URLs are very important. Not only are search engines referring you traffic, but what about links from other peoples‚Äô sites, bookmarks, press releases or social bookmarking sites? You could have hundreds of links out there and you don’t want to forget about them or else your visitors may be coming to a ‘Page Not Found’ error instead of an information page.

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Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza

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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Google Pack includes:

  • Google Earth
  • Google Desktop
  • Picasa Photo organizer
  • Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
  • Google Pack Screensaver
  • Google Talk

Additional Software:

  • Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  • Ad-Aware SE Personal
  • Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition
  • Adobe Reader 7
  • RealPlayer
  • Trillian Instant Messenger
  • Gallery Player

Google Pack also comes with an updater program that will keep all the software in the Google Pack current and it works with the programs you already have installed.

Google blog has says Google Pack is:

TopRank Marketing Editor

How to create Google & Yahoo Site Maps – Easily

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At TopRank we’ve been building Google & Yahoo site maps ever since each search engine debuted the service. However, recently I’ve been focusing on how to better automate the process and optimize my time spent creating site maps. I’ve researched and tried tool after tool until I came up with one that worked well for us.

It all started at Google. Google actually lists out a bunch of third party resources. How convenient! You can see them here: http://code.google.com/sm_thirdparty.html

Ones listed under Programs/Code Snippets appear to be code that you add to your website to create your own sitemaps. What I was looking for is a program to create site maps for client sites, so those were out.

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Google Friends

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There’s a newsletter that I get from time to time from Google called the "Google Friends Newsletter". The content is fairly good, but not exactly timely for someone who has 200 search engine related RSS feeds or that runs a search marketing agency. That represents, what .005% of the population?  For everyone else, it’s good info.

It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and this post is the last thing I do business-wise, before I go to my parents and then take off for a week on an island off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. With all this snow in Minnesota and a good internet connection, I may not come back.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

In case you don’t receive it, here’s the Google Friends Newsletter for December 2005:

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Google AdWords New Features Webinar

Earlier today I logged into the Google Webex site anxiously anticipating that maybe, perhaps, Google was going to produce something new in the Google AdWords New Features Webinar? The presentation started with an overview on AdSense Referrals, Custom Reports, Online Advertiser Sign-up, Section Targeting and Seasonal Formats. Jensense also has comments on the presentation.

It was a good overview if you hadn’t been through these features before. But there was nothing "new" as in, newly announced during the webinar. It was an explanation of some of the recently added features to the Google AdSense program. A more accurate title for this Webinar might have been, "Google AdWords Recent Features".