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Search Marketing Blogs Update 070607

SEO Blogs

It’s been a light week of sorts with the July 4th holiday and all, but the TopRank search for new and interesting SEM and SEO blogs never stops.

  • Eyefall Search Marketing Blog – A group blog from the team at London based search marketing agency eyefall blogs about SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing.
  • The Marketing Excellence Blog – Eric Kintz, Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence for HP, offers his observations about CMO issues, corporate blogging, marketing ROI, viral marketing and web 2.0 topics.
  • Dosh Dosh – This anime spotted blog written by Maki, a Political Science and Philosophy student in Toronto Canada, is all about making money online and along with that comes posts about professional blogging, affiliate marketing, get-paid-to programs, advertising networks and social media monetization.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 072907

SEO Blogs

I know you’ve been waiting all week to see how there could possibly be more SEO and SEM blogs that haven’t been added to the BIGLIST yet. Please have faith dear reader, for this week we have a nice collection of Logical Gypsy Banditos from Google Webmaster Help Rambling and Pushing us Online.

  • PushONline Marketing – Great blog from the UK doing the full social media thing: images, videos, MySpace and some nods to Twitter. Not without a dose of good humor, check out the videos, “Number One on the Google”, or even better, “Bitch Got Wide Feed”. Brilliant.
  • Google Webmasters Help FAQ – Alan Doherty, John Honeck, John Mueller, Richard Hearne and Sebastian write this unofficial Google Webmasters Help Forum blog drawing attention to the many, many questions and answers that get posted.
Lee Odden

SEM Blogs Update and Blogging Tips 062207

SEO Blogs

What a week! With most of my time spent at the DM Days conference or sitting in a plane (not flying of course, just sitting on the runway waiting for the stars to line up or whatever control towers are using these days to give the OK for takeoff) I had little time to poke around for new SEM and SEO blogs for our list.

Regardless, we have six additions for this week’s update including two from the UK, two from my home state of Minnesota and one from Massachusetts:

  • RKG Blog – Alan Rimm-Kaufman of the Rimm-Kaufman Group blogs about various online marketing news items and tips along with his own commentary.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 061507

SEO Blogs

There are only two blogs to add to this week’s update of the BIGLIST of search engine marketing blogs.

  • Search Marketing Expo Blog – Danny Sullivan’s new conference series has a blog with a nice group photo and roundup of conference coverage from the first SMX event in Seattle.
  • Cam Balzer’s Web-Cite – Cam Balzer from DoubleClick Performics, a recent Google acquisition, writes about and “cites” topics and items of interest, many related to search marketing and web 2.0.

Recently, Larry Chase tasked me with writing a review of the top search marketing blogs for his newsletter, Web Digest for Marketers. This was a much harder task than I thought. The writing about each SEO or SEM blog was easy. Deciding which blogs to pick was not.

Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 060807

SEO Blogs

Another fine harvest of search engine marketing blogs this week with some chicks, some Danish and ClearSaleing.

  • SEO Chicks – Julie Joyce, Lisa Ditlefsen and Anita Chaperon are women, or as they prefer to be called, “chicks” who know SEO and PPC. They decided after a few beers during a London conference that it was time to get some female attitude into the SEO & SEM blogosphere and here they are with lots of great photos from the recent SMX conference.
  • TwentySix2 Marketing Blog – Katy Orell and John Waddy of TewntySix2 have joined the search marketing blogosphere offering a nice mix of tips, tactics and industry commentary.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 060107

SEO Blogs

Nothing slowed down this week as far as finding and adding blogs to our BIGLIST of search marketing blogs. No runner ups this week.

  • Create Business Growth – Christine O’Kelly writes about blogging, copywriting and small business marketing online.
  • Hybrid SEM Blog – Joe Whyte writes about old school and new school SEO.
  • WebMama’s Look at the Web – I’ve been watching Barbara Coll’s blogspot blog for a while now and recently noticed she’s publishing more consistently, qualifying her inclusion on the BIGLIST. Barbara writes about her observations on search marketing industry.
  • SEOish – Insight into the world of learning search marketing with a sense of humor by Patrick Sexton, aka “feedthebot.
  • Beginning SEO Podcast – David Brown and Brian Mark do a podcast talking about the fundamentals of search engine optimization.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 052507

SEO Blogs

We have several overdue search engine marketing blog additions this week including those for 2 major search engines. The master list of Search Marketing Blogs has been updated. A big thank you to Danny Sullivan as several blogs were gleaned from the well-maintained blogroll over at Search Engine Land.

  • adCenter Blog – The official blog of Microsoft adCenter.
  • AOL Search Blog – The official search blog for AOL.
  • Brian White – Googler on the search spam team blogs personal interests, but mostly Google. Think the Google spam team doesn’t know about the latest paid link schemes? Guess again.
  • The Key – A Business 2.0 blog by Paul Sloan on the “internet land grab, music and more”. Quite a bit on the search engines, domaining, online advertising as well.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 051807

With a bit of housecleaning, the big list of search marketing blogs has been trimmed down! Nearly 100 blogs were removed from the list this week. Removals were based on blogs that have not updated in the past month. This week’s additions include:

  • AdGeek – Direct response copywriter Jeff Horsager offers a nice mix of marketing, optimization, email marketing and social media with an eye towards metrics and analytics. “If it can be measured, it can be improved.”
  • Semfire – Based in Queensland Australia, Christine Parfitt writes mostly about paid search with some natural optimization as well.
  • agerhart – Andrew Gerhart, the Director of SEO for Primedia Automotive, writes about in-house SEO issues, optimization, web 2.0 topics and search engine news.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 050407

The fun never stops with our ongoing search for interesting and informative blogs about search engine marketing. Open up your RSS reader/aggregator and invite this week’s entries into your blog reading party.

  • SEO Content Solutions – SEO savvy copywriter Christine OKelly writes about SEO, SMO and a few other acronyms we writers like to throw around.
  • SearchGrit – Marios Alexandrou writes a lot about search engine optimization as well as the search marketing industry.
  • Vaughan Marketing – Shane Vaughan, VP of marketing for Balihoo and former Global Search Marketing Manager for HP, writes about his experiences with search marketing.
  • On the Trail – Twin Cities based web analytics guru, Mike Keyes writes mostly about web analytics with a few personal tidbits.
Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 042707

The weeks are going by too quickly and the launch of some of the new RSS mashups will take longer than I thought. Despite that, we have several new search marketing blogs to add to our very large list this week.

  • SMOblog – Sociologist Mark Blair writes about social media optimization.
  • Searchnomics – A blog from Silicon Valley’s WebGuild about the business and economics of search marketing with a particular emphasis on Google.
  • Bootmoney – Affiliate marketing parody blog ala Shoemoney.
  • In Search of Stuff – Scottie Claiborne and Michael Motherwell offer truly valuable insight such as a poll on Bratwurst.

If you know of any other good humor SEO blogs, please mention in the comments.

Lee Odden

Search Marketing Blogs Update 042007

Last week’s search engine marketing blogs update suffered a little skipperoo as it was the last day of SES New York and a travel day. I’ve decide to spend more time writing about each blog so readers get more of an idea about what to expect. Let me know if that’s a good idea or not. 🙂

Some interesting entries this week though and definitely worth checking out – maybe worth adding to your blogroll!

  • Vanessa Fox Nude – Gets your attention doesn’t it? This self titled Googler’s blog is about a number of things and yes, SEO topics slip in often enough to be included in our fine list and no, there are no nude pictures. It’s nice to see another webmaster-famous Googler blogging, not that we’re bored with Matt Cutts or anything. Vanessa writes with mixture of humor and just a touch of geek, which is perfect for the SEO loving crowd. Read the inspiration for the blog title from Dave Naylor.