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Hiring for SEO

It’s an interesting labor market right now in the field of search marketing. Interactive, Advertising, and Ad Agencies as well as companies are bringing more SEO/SEM staff in-house. Many SEO and SEM firms are growing and adding staff as well. Unfortunately, some of the larger search marketing companies lock staff down with unreasonable non-competes or they operate in churn and burn mode, and don’t value their clients or SEOs nearly as much as they should.

With my SEO firm, we’ve worked hard to build momentum and service to our clients and we’re literally getting more inquiries than we could possibly handle. So, TopRank is currently hiring for several SEO positions which are described on the TopRank careers page.

Lee Odden

Can a Napkin Business Plan be the Next Google?

Marketing Experiments has announced a “Back of a Napkin” business planning contest. They say they are are looking for the next ‘Google’.

The winner will get a jumpstart package worth over $100,000 and will get to pitch their plan to some of the leading VC’s. In that $100 large there’s $25k of PR for three months. Ahem. I appreciate the PR firm’s valuation of their services, but $25k for THREE MONTHS?

During 2006, MEC Labs (the group of researchers behind the Marketing Experiments Journal) will work with the winning idea to help launch their business.

Entries are due no later than February 25 with finalists announced February 28 and winners announced March 31, 2006.

Hurry up, business plans can be registered online.

Lee Odden

Just Say No to Discount SEO

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You know you’re in blog trouble when you start your posts with, “It’s been too long since my last post….” Hey, we’re busy as hell and we’re hiring: SEO Specialist, SEO Copywriter, Linking Specialist, Admin. More about all that on the TopRank site.

Now on to this malarkey about discount search engine optimization:

Over the years I’ve had many opportunities to give prospective search marketing clients “good deals” for a variety of reasons. Early on in your business, there are some compelling reasons to do so, but my advice? Don’t. Here’s some classics along with my feeble replies:

“We want to see what you can do with organic SEO for a month or two, and if we see results we’ll pay more.”