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“Lee Odden was our headline speaker at our SEMPO Arizona quarterly meeting. His topic was spot on for the audience, SEO – PR – SOCIAL integration. The audience was energized by his passion and knowledge of the topic. Lee was able to bring out the most of the audience during our Question and Answer session. Lee is obviously an expert in the area and we thank him for a great presentation.”
Jeffrey Pruitt, SEMPO Chairperson & Partner, Arkon Ventures

“Lee presented a Crash Course on SEO for our Inbound University program that was energetic and insightful, and was extremely well received by our attendees. We’d recommend Lee for any sort of educational presentation on basic to advanced internet marketing topics.”
Mike Volpe, VP Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

“Lee Odden has been and continues to be a tremendous resource for me and the DMA membership regarding the nuances of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. His knowledge and vast network of contacts have always provided added value to the membership with which I interact.”
Lisa Merizio-Smith, Director, Direct Marketing Association

“Lee is one of those people who seems to get everywhere (and know everyone) within the interactive marketing a PR space. I guess that’s the ultimate sign of a man who really really knows his craft. I admire the way that Lee has built his Online Marketing blog into the leading reference site for our industry. The content is great and Lee is not only a top rated speaker at the Search Engine Strategies shows but a trusted adviser on all aspects of the business. Highly recommended.”
Rory Brown, Managing Director, Incisive Media

“Lee gets the space. His blog is a great read, and his coverage of digital marketing events is comprehensive. He picks up what the major press often fails to report on.”
Ron Belanger, Vice President, Yahoo!

“I have known Lee for a couple of years and have found him to be incredibly talented, personable, smart, hard working, well respected and an overall pleasure to be around. He is one of the superstars in the PR, SEO, SEM, Social Media space and has a must-read blog (https://www.toprankblog.com/) and is a must-see (conference) speaker. His blog is also one of *my* must reads due to his and his team’s expansive and detailed conference coverage as well as their on-going thorough and insightful media coverage of the ever evolving online space. I would highly recommend Lee’s work and be confident that Lee would surpass anyone’s expectations.”
Melanie Mitchell, Vice President, AOL

“Lee Oden’s TopRank Online Marketing Blog is a fantastic resource for marketing and public relations professionals. Lee consistently provides tangible insight that is relevant, timely, and actionable. When a collegue asked me to recommend a SEO expert Lee was the on the top of my list — and he has proven to be a great partner for that project. I refer my staff and peers to his blog and to the PRSA professional development sessions that he presents and they always return energized, excited and ready to take on new ways to improve our communications and social media outreach.”
Barb McDonald, Vice President, Marketing, Public Relations Society of America

“I’ve known Lee for a couple of years now. He’s one of the must-have must read speaker/bloggers at Search and Online Marketing conferences. A very personable guy, Lee’s Big List of industry blogs about the most comprehensive list you’ll find. As an expert in online PR, Lee has many tips, tricks and ideas about how to ensure you have the best possible online reputation.”
Mel Carson, adCenter Community Manager, Microsoft

“Are you kidding? Lee Odden knows more about online tools and strategies than most ever will. But, he also has a great knack for sharing, demystifying, and teaching these seemingly technical topics in ways that allow anyone to make practical use of them.”
John Jantsch, Owner, Duct Tape Marketing

“Lee is one of the influential leaders in our field who is able to keep a pulse on the industry and what drives marketing online. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their programs.”
Sean X Cummings, Director of Marketing, Ask.com

“Lee is a mover and a shaker in the interactive/digital space, especially when PR, SEM/SEO or SMM is involved; even though he will never admit to it. He tirelessly keeps his tens of thousands of subscribers informed on best practices and industry news at TopRankBlog.com (#15 on the AdAge Power 150!), and he is a major draw when on stage at industry conferences and expositions. I look forward to working with Lee throughout my career and I want to take this chance to thank him for all his hard work, Thank You!”
Matt McGowan, Global Vice President of Marketing, Incisive Media

“You’ve worked with lots of people–so have I. And after a while, you start to pigeonhole people. “He’s brilliant, but hard to work with.” “She’s the nicest person, but not the best communicator.” “He works very hard, but he’s not the most creative when we have a problem.” I’ve collaborated with Lee Odden numerous times on conference panels, podcasts, blogs, and industry committees. I’ve yet to pigeonhole him. Lee knows his stuff, but he never makes it complicated to impress you. If anything, he undersells his expertise by only explaining exactly what the audience can grasp. And in a world where there’s a new problem every minute, Lee is calm under pressure and always figures a way out. But the best thing about him is that he is so unassuming. Lee could bask in the glow of his reputation and let others cope with his idiosyncrasies, but he is instead one of the nicest people working in the business, and among the most generous with his time. So, yes, I’d recommend Lee as a consultant, a speaker, a blogger, and probably five other things I am not thinking of. But I also recommend him as a person, because he won’t let you down. You can count on him to know the right thing, yes, but also to do the right thing and do it the right way–and in the way that is right for you.”
Mike Moran, Distinguished Engineer for OmniFind Search and Text Analytics Product, IBM

“Periodically, the time comes to prune one’s overstuffed RSS feeds. When that time comes for me, invariably there are a handful of blogs that simply cannot be cut from the reading list. Lee Odden’s ‘Online Marketing Blog’ is clearly in that category. It’s literally a must-read, not just for me but for every marketer I know… and it has been in that rarefied class for a long time.”
Todd Defren, Principal, SHIFT Communications

“OMB is the BOMB! Lee does an amazing job at bringing together interesting thinking, timely coverage and fascinating insights to the world of online marketing. His blog is a must read.”
Bryan Eisenberg, Co-Founder, Future Now, Inc.

“Lee is a hard working guy, he is very respectful and down to earth. Lee has given the community some of the great insights the industry has seen. Thanks Lee for everything.”
Barry Schwartz, Executive Editor, Search Engine Roundtable

“I met Lee through Search Engine Strategies two years ago – having attended one of the presentations he did. I was lucky enough to run into him later that day, and get to know more about him and the Online Marketing Blog. I read TopRank Blog every opportunity I get, and have found those resources quite valuable. He really understands both the PR and social marketing space, and helps others understand it, too.”
Meg Walker, Online Marketing Manager, Network Solutions

“Lee is one of the amazing authorities on natural search and blogs that I know. He brought the concept of optimizing for public relations pieces to the forefront, and followed right up with blogs as the natural extension of consumer PR. I have presented with Lee several times over the years and served with him on the DMA SEMC. He is generous with his knowledge during speaking engagements; never afraid to share his ideas. I enjoy his professional friendship, and thoroughly recommend him as an industry thoughtleader and digital marketing expert.”
Jeannette Kocsis, VP, Digital Practice, Harte-Hanks, Inc.

“Lee is an extremely level-headed and insightful professional, who has his finger on the pulse of the “who’s” and “what’s” of the SEO/SEM industry. His work is very straight forward and well thought out, and he is able to clearly and objectively see both sides of a coin on disputed SEO/M issues.”
Laura Lippay, Group Program Manager, Search Strategy (SEO), Yahoo!

“I’ve lost track of Lee’s many talents. He doesn’t need to “think outside of the box,” because he refuses to even acknowledge its existence. Hire him as a consultant or speaker, and you won’t be disappointed.”
Andy Beal, Internet Marketing Consultant, MarketingPilgrim

“I am always thankful to Lee for the contributions he has made to WebmasterRadio.FM. In addition, he is one of the most committed, well spoken and professional individuals I know.” July 3, 2008
Brandy Shapiro-Babin, President, WebmasterRadio.FM

“Lee is great to work with and his grasp of online public relations is tremendous. One of the few people on my ‘must read’ list.”
Eric Ward

“Lee Odden is easily one of the leading authorities in Public Relations in the new media sector.”
Michael McDonald, Director of Operations, iEntry, Inc