Internet Marketing Conference Tips: Kevin M. Ryan Incisive Media

Our third set of internet marketing conference tips come on day one of the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose and are appropriately from Kevin M. Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch.

Kevin Ryan has been involved with numerous conferences over the years working for various interactive and internet marketing agencies before starting his own and now as head of the SES conferences in the U.S. and abroad for Incisive Media.

1. Events are a great place to meet with clients, vendors and potential partners.

a. If you have a relationship with who you’re meeting with, begin scheduling meetings about a month prior to the event. Less time than that and your choices will be limited. More time than that, and they are going to forget you.

SES Session: Kevin Ryan Unplugged

Kevin Ryan - Unplugged - SES Chicago

“I was surprised when getting involved with this conference how many people could not distinguish between strategy and tactic,” stated Kevin Ryan at the top of my final session of a whirlwind SES Chicago.

“Kevin Ryan Unplugged” was a chance for Kevin Ryan, the man behind it all, to share his own personal thoughts on the conference and for attendees to offer compliments or suggestions.

It also served as a great bookend for my coverage of this excellent conference.

If I were to sum up the conference as a whole, I would, as Scott Miller did in a previous session, break it down to three C’s:

  • Conceptuality
  • Communication
  • Coordination

SES Session: Managing PPC For Multiple Clients

Managing Multiple PPC Accounts at SES Chicago

“Managing PPC for Multiple Clients” had for me the pleasure of being a “slow-burn” of a session at SES Chicago.

For those unfamiliar with a term I may or may not have created, it means that it did not leave an immediately strong impression on me, until I later was fortunate enough to review the notes I had taken.

The session, moderated by the always exceptional Kevin Ryan featured a panel of:

  • Joe Rosza, President of SEO Columbus
  • Matt Naeger, VP & General Counsel for Impaqt
  • Christopher Upkes, Director of Agency Business Development for Adapt Technologies
  • Craig Macdonald, VP of Marketing for Alliances & Product Management

So what was is it that resonated with me most about this session upon further reflection?

SES Chicago Interview: Kevin Ryan and Kevin Heisler

Spotlight on Search: Interview with Kevin Ryan and Kevin Heisler

What we have for you today is a double scoop, double feature and two times our regular interview spunk involving Kevin Ryan, Global Content Director for Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch and Kevin Heisler, Executive Editor of Search Engine Watch. I’ll have to say, there are a few gems in this one, so read on:

kevin-ryan.jpg kevin-heisler1.jpg
(Heisler photo credit, Christine Churchill)

Let’s cut to the chase on SES Chicago and Pubcon happening at the same time this year. I am not sure most people realize it was not intended to happen that way. Do you anticipate there being much of an effect on attendance? How different are the audiences these two events are attempting to attract?

Kevin Ryan to Direct Content at Search Engine Strategies and SEW

Incisive Media announced this morning that Kevin Ryan, formerly CEO of Kinetic Results and one of my favorite columnists at iMedia Connection, will be joining Incisive Media as VP, Global Content Director, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies. Kevin also made a post on the Search Engine Watch blog.

In essence, Kevin is filling the giant shoes that Danny Sullivan left and that’s a very, very tall order. Danny has made nothing less than groundbreaking progress in a very short amount of time with Search Engine Land and from all accounts, the SMX conference.

I would be curious to hear from Kevin how he’ll address the inevitable comparisons and also what his plans are. How will he approach content strategy for the SES conferences and the SEW site? Whatever the answers, many eyes will be on him both internally at Incisive as well as the search marketing industry.