Interview with Laura Lippay of Yahoo

Spotlight on Search Interview with Laura Lippay, SEO Program Manager for Yahoo

We’ve been on a bit of a “Spotlight on Search Interview” hiatus the past few weeks, but I can assure you this one is worth the wait. Today we have a very nice interview with Laura Lippay, SEO Program Manager for Yahoo Media Group. I first became aware of Laura’s SEO wisdom via her animated stick figure avatar in Jill Whalen’s High Rankings SEO forum. Dispensing excellent advice to newbies and old timers alike, Laura has gone from circus performer extraordinaire to Flash-superstar-wannabe to a dream gig as an in-house SEO for Yahoo. I want to say thank you to the exceptionally thorough legal and marketing folks at Yahoo for letting Laura do this interview. Now on to the good stuff.

SEO Before or After

While I was doing a little research for interview questions with Yahoo SEO Program Manager, Laura Lippay, I noticed a post she made about the pros and cons of performing search engine optimization on web sites while they are being designed or redesigned compared to after the fact.

Laura makes some great points about the need to involve SEO at the planning stages of a web site, not after it’s been launched. This really stikes a chord since so many companies call our SEO firm saying things like, “We’ve nearly finished our new web site design and are now looking for a SEO firm to help market the site.” You can hear a pin drop when we explain how much could have been saved (time/money) had we been brought in during the early stage of the site design.