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Another Blog Meme: Magazines

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Andy Beal has put up a blog meme on his personal blog (I should have one of those but maybe not) about magazines being a window into knowing about a person.

I do subscribe to a few print magazines, but for the most part it’s because there are so many neighborhood kids selling subscriptions for school fundraisers that we get so many. For the most part, I like to get my info online. But it’s nice to have something in print once in a while, especially as Vanessa Fox says, for when you fly. Here’s a list of the magazines stacked up in the royal reading room as of this morning:

  • Forbes
  • Wired
  • Fast Company
  • Business 2.0
  • Smithsonian
  • Discover
  • Endless Vacation
  • Stratos
  • Marq
  • Architechtural Digest
  • eWeek
  • Esquire

I know this is a meme, but I’m not going to call anyone out specifically to make a list, but feel free to list your magazines in the comments or write your own blog post.  I would be very interested in knowing the kinds of print mags Online Marketing Blog readers enjoy.

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