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Online Marketing News: Facebook Ads = Massive ROI, Bing VS. Google, Social Media Measurement, Rise of Mobile+Local

By Ashley Zeckman     Online Marketing, Online Marketing News

How Airlines Have Taken Flight with Social Media

This infographic from Mashable shows just how social airlines have become over the past few years.  How does one of the top airlines fair socially  (at the time this infographic was created)?

American Airlines

  • Twitter – Following: 413
  • Twitter – Tweets: 1,231
  • Twitter – Followers: 42,985
  • Facebook – Likes: 325,045
  • YouTube – “United Breaks Guitars”: 10,771,568

Trials Show Facebook Retargeted Ads Deliver Massive ROI
According to reports, Facebook’s new cookie-based real-time bidding retargeted ads program is showing an ROI of up to 16x’s what is being spent.  Initially revealed in June there was buzz that the ads were performing very well.  Now the data shows that these new ads may be cheaper, get higher click through rates, and have higher post-click conversion rates than retargeted ads on other exchanges including Google’s AdX.  Via TechCrunch.

Bing Vs. Google: A Search Engine Taste Test (Of Things To Come?)
In a ‘blind taste test’ between Google and Bing, users voted on search results based purely on merit.  Bing has slowly been gaining a sizeable market share but will it ever really be able to compete on Google’s level?  This article breaks down each by preference, social integration and how the next generation might even out the odds.  Via Search Engine Watch.

How to Use Social Media For Customer Research
With a combination of the right social media tools marketers can tap into the types of questions their customers are asking as well as the different types of content that they’re sharing.  This article will show you some different ways to quickly conduct research on social media and make this information a part of your marketing strategy.  Via Social Media Examiner.

Traditional Strategy is Dead.  Welcome to the #SocialEra
“Social can be – and already is – more than media”, shares Nilofer Merchant in a recent article.  The companies of today are operating under a new set of rules, social rules.  Some companies are getting left behind because they continue to operate under the rules of traditional strategy.  Want to learn more?  Read this article from Harvard Business Review.

TopRank Team News

Evan Prokop – The Hidden Cost of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor
In life and online marketing, you get what you pay for. It can be tempting to cut corners now, but the long term costs are simply not worth it. Investing the time and money required for a high quality SEO and social media strategy will pay big dividends down the road.  Via Search Engine Land.

Sam Giehll – How Social Media is Changing the English Language and Why it Matters to Marketers
Learn how the technological age is changing the fabric of the English language – and find out how that affects you and what you can do to use modern writing techniques to optimize your business goals!  Via MarketingProfs.

Shawna Kenyon – 5 Companies With Inbound Marketing Strategies That Work
Finding ways to attract your target market can be a bit overwhelming. Finding the right marketing mix will likely require a bit of trial and error to get it right.  Mashable examines 5 companies that seem to have perfected their technique.  Take a closer look at companies from Salesforce to Cisco in this article.  Via Mashable.

Sara Duane-Gladden – When it Comes to Mobile, Think “Location, Location, Location!”
Mobile is awesome. Location-based campaigns are effective. The combination of mobile and location? Priceless! Location is gaining as a major components for brands and retailers’ mobile marketing and commerce efforts. Companies are incorporating mobile+location to not only better target consumers and increase web traffic, but increase foot traffic at brick-and-mortar locations as well.  Via Mobile Commerce Daily.

Brian Larson – Can You Hear Me Knocking?
Mark Zuckerberg has finally said what many people already assumed, Facebook sees building a powerful search engine in their future. Speaking with Mike Arrington at TechCrunch Disrupt, Zuckerberg explained that social network is already processing 1 billion searches a day, and “we’re not even trying.” He went on to speak about how Facebook is uniquely positioned to connect search queries with the searchers social history and friends. Learn more about how Zuckerberg sees Facebook growing in search in this post on Search Engine Land.

Thom Craver – Social Media Measurement: The Numbers Suck Because The Models & Metrics Are Wrong
Clearly social media is a large part of a marketing mix, or should be. No one has the perfect formula for how to measure it properly. You don’t make money from likes or followers. But you do make money if your interactive Facebook app steers users to conversion. Like Web analytics, we can data dump a bunch of metrics out as a one-size-fits-all solution, but it can vary from business to business.   Via ClickZ.

Jolina Pettice – 3 Questions Your B2B Story Must Answer
At TopRank Online Marketing, we frequently reference the customer journey and why understanding it is so important. After all, the customer who is we are trying to reach. Once the journey from awareness to consideration to purchase and retention is understood, we have to decide which content is best suited to attract and engage the audience at what stage. Just like any bad movie you have ever stopped watching in the middle, if the story isn’t compelling and easy to follow you tune out. So, check out these 3 questions to answer when writing your story.  Via MarketingProfs.

Alexis Hall – Rise of Mobile & Local, Google Updates Top Concerns for Search Marketers
The rise of mobile internet use is the trend impacting search engine marketers the most, according to SEMPO’s recent State of Search marketing survey.  Respondents also rated Google Algorithm updates and rise of local search as significant trends. Overall companies have increase their spend on SEO in the last three years. Read on for more news on the  most impactful trends for SEO right now, from Search Engine Watch.

Mike Yanke – Octopussy Theme Plays Sadly in Background as Bing Traffic Hits All Time High
Much like a late 80’s Roger Moore helmed Bond film can brag only that it is a small percentage as good as any Sean Connery counterpart, Bing will be bragging today that its 15.9 percent of the search market (an all time high!) is slowly eating into the 66.8 percent captured by Google.  Read more about these numbers reported in the August comScore release, reported by Search Engine Land.

Time to Weigh In: Have you ever done any Facebook advertising? Are you excited or apprehensive about the new ad structure? Would you consider your company part of the Social Era?  How have you taken your social strategy to the next level?



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