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Yahoo Does Tags

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Yahoo today posted in their blog about Tag Soup du Jour From YSDN. It’s a creation from the Yahoo! Search Developer Network (YSDN). What this shows you is how popular a tag is. The more it’s being used, the bigger the font size. It’s a quick overview of the most popular news stories on Yahoo News currently. Unfortunately it just grabs tags from Yahoo news at the moment, however these tag maps are popping up all over the internet. I was hoping that this was a creation as the main search engines have pretty much ignored tagging. I’m hoping that Yahoo or can create a better, more relevant, searching system with tags someday.

What’s a tag? A tag is a simple category name that is embedded into a link. Most popular in blogging as bloggers categorize their posts, photos, and links with any tag they want. Popular tagging site are , , and Furl.

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