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Netvibes Worth Checking Out

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If you have the time, there are some interesting things you can find in your blog’s referrer logs on a Saturday morning. For example, I noticed traffic coming from a place called Netvibes so I checked it out.


Netvibes is a very customizable content aggregator, rss reader that was just launched a week ago. It’s very much like Google’s personalized search and MSN’s start.com functionally because of the use of Ajax. With Google, you have to login to drag and drop content. With Start and Netvibes you don’t. All three offer preset news feeds, weather, etc.

Netvibes offers some additional features such as the ability to import, download and listen to podcasts and also check your e-mail on one or many Gmail accounts.

Netvibes also offers localized versions in French, English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese – German, Korean and Chinese versions are coming. You can monitor progress via the Netvibes Blog and Wiki. All this and they’ve just started. Netvibes is very Web 2.0 and worth watching.

Of course, the pioneer in personalized content is MyYahoo.

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