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Frank Michlick posts about a trend in purchasing domain names citing articles from Business 2.0 and the Wall Street Journal.

Interestingly, last week at the Pubcon search engine marketing conference, I met people from two different domain name broker/buyer/management/monetization companies: Moniker.net and Oversee.net.

During my discussion with the fellow from Moniker, a prominent SEO mentioned he’d spent $1000 the night before (had to get his fix) buying up domain names for the purpose of parking them to monetize traffic.

To be honest, I had noticed people doing this, but did not realize the momentum it has gained as an advertising practice and method of generating revenue.

Update: Here’s an interesting site I found that offers a way to monteize your unused domains: http://www.trafficclub.com/

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  1. So what were the names he bought for $1000.

  2. That’s a good question – I didn’t ask.

    I have a pretty good feeling he buys A LOT of domain names though.

  3. Avatar David Thulin says

    How would one generate traffic to make it worth it? I mean, if he were to use the domains to link together, he would have to have 2000 IP addresses to make it look halfway descent, and where in the world would he get content?

    I know of an easy way – but I am certain the CEO isnt a scraper…

    This facinates me so much: I myself have approx 100 domains which I use to gain Adsense income, and I could easily spend 10 hours per day with nothing else, simply to get something out of them. How can someone with 10000 or more domain names keep up?

    Just getting 1000 domains indexed in the first place, and setting up hosting, writing titles…

    Ugh. Now I have a headache. 🙂


  4. Hi David,

    I think what they do is partner with a domain management service that automatically displays ads on pages parked with the domain. The traffic can come from typos on well known domains, or close matches to well known domains as well as other methods.


  5. David and Lee, the domains have inherent traffic aka Type-in traffic aka Direct Navigation traffic. Every day people sit down and type-in these generic keyword domains. Cellphones.com for example gets 1300 a day I believe the article cited. That’s the thing about the article that was not covered very well. . . . It’s no mystery though. These domains get traffic on their own. People bypass the search engines and type in cellphones.com. This has nothing to do with linking domains, buying more IP addresses, etc.

  6. Avatar Zachary Corley says

    My brother purchased over $1000 in domain names for the new .es extension. any good name that we could think of that wasnt already taken. I’m sure the investment will pay off big.

  7. Hi Folks,

    I have been in the domain name monetization business for more than 4 1/2 years now. I just ran across this blog and see that some of you have questions about Domain Parking.

    I register quite a few domain names each week. Quite frankly, it is a nice business to be in.
    For instance, one could spend $8.95/year per domain name at places like http://www.godaddy.com and then join a domain name parking monetization program such as Domain Sponsor.

    Simply put, if your domain name traffic is decent you stand to make anywhere from .10 to 2.00 per click for the auto optimized advertisements. To read more about it, simply click on the link above. It does not take many hits to at least cover your annual renewal fees. One rule of thumb is if you make more than $8.95 per year from the parked domain name, then it is a profittable domain. Of course, there is always the chance that you might have someone contact you with an interest in buying the domain name outright.

    Hope this helps. Oh, and Happy Holidays.

  8. I know some one who had a dating website. now he is closing it. The website is down for 2 months. If he will be seling it do you think it will be worth it to buy. I check the traffic and it had great numbers.

    And if I decided to buy it what should i do next. I”m not in domains. But in building websites.

  9. Pawel, you might try getting the site or domain appraised with a service like http://www.afternic.com/appraise.php and then either setup another site on a similar topic or park it with sedo.com or a similar service.

  10. Hi folks,

    Interesting stuff here. I found your site by searching Yahoo. Domain parking monetization works the same way. Type in a subject you are looking for and a list of websites come up, right? Well what if one of these sites was a domain monetization site? The average person probably wouldn’t know that they were looking at a parked page.

    In response to the post above about the guy with the dating site, how much does he want for the site? It doesn’t make sense for him to sit on the site and not make money on it! Online dating is very HOT in the internet marketing business. If you are familiar with PPC rates, the top spot a dating site such as Date.com or eHarmony might pay up to $5.00 per click! Most parking sites share the revenue with the domain owner at rates around 50%. That would nean your friend could make $2.50 per click! I use a service called ActiveAudience.com. Their service is fully customizable and you are able to enter your own key words. You might want to pass this on to your friend. He may have second thoughts about selling his domain!


    PS…. I currently have 85 parked domains at Active Audience. They all look like mini-websites. Check a few out, http://adbee.net, http://energysavvy.com and http://bizsitecreations.com. This will give you a little better idea of what domain monetization is all about.


  11. PS

  12. JB wrote: “This will give you a little better idea of what domain monetization is all about.”

    So tell me, y’all… does this actually make a worthwhile amount of money? I am guessing the actual traffic would be very low There seems to be no content of significance on these sites, so ‘type-in’ really is the main access point, which basically translates to ‘get lucky’, right?

    I’d be curious to hear about actual monetary returns on this, if anyone was willing to divulge that info.


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