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Google to Pay $1 for every Firefox Download

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But who cares about that, when Google will pay $100 once you sign up a publisher on AdSense that makes their own $100.

Google is certainly bumping up it’s referral program. If you have an AdSense account, login and click on the referrals tab, you get code for Google AdWords and FireFox with Google Toolbar referrals.

Google AdWords Referral Ads
AdSense Referral Ads

FireFox with Google Toolbar
Firefox Referral Ad

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  1. I’m amazed at how often I stumble onto article demonstrating Google’s apparent attacks on Microsoft. Why else would they be willing to pay $1 per Firefox download? Why doesn’t Google just come out with it’s own browser? We all know that it would be an instant success just from the fact that it was done by Google. If Firefox can build a browser with about 10 guys, it would seem that Google could do the same and much better. I, personally, tried to make the switch to Firefox to support them, but it was just too slow for me, and I run into problems all the time when I working on the internet that Firefox can’t handle.

  2. Avatar David Thulin says

    I am most amazed that they dont offer any recurring income on the adsense signups: why not $50 for the first $100 earned, and then $10 per each following $100 or so?

    With a long term recurring payout strategy, I would be much more motivated to market the service.


  3. To soldify the merger between Google and Firefox, Googlefire.com has been registered by a third party whom is now selling Googlefire on ebay. This domain name may fetch the highest price for a domain name ever sold.


  1. Simone Carletti's Weblog says:

    AdSense paga $1 per ogni download di Firefox

    AdSense introduce il referral program. Per i publisher americani ?

  2. Caret WebP06 » Google paga 1 $ per ogni download di FireFox says:

    […] Ho letto qualche giorno fa sull’interessante blog di Simone Carletti una notizia che ha destato molto la mia curiosit?