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Google is taking beta subscription requests for hosted Gmail accounts using your company or organization’s domain name. Just login with your existing Google account or create a new one.

What you get:

Gmail – 2 gigabytes of storage and search tools that help users find information fast.
Control Panel – Easily manage user accounts, aliases and mailing lists.

Very interesting. This should increase the number of Gmail users by a significant sum. More maybe?

More about the initial beta test with San Jose City College at the

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  1. That sounds cool. But do I have to give up my desktop app? Would it act like IMAP mail or POP ?? Details seem sketchy to me.

  2. Those are good questions Thomas.

    Knowing a little about Google, I would suspect it would replace any other email client. But they do not specify that. I have signed up for a beta. We’ll see if they approve and I can provide screen shots, etc.

  3. Lee

    In your post, you comment “This should increase the number of Gmail users by a significant sum.”

    Two questions – any idea:

    1) how many Gmail users are there in the US?

    2) revenue Google receives from Gmail users who click on Sponsored Links associated with Gmail


  4. Those are great questions Joe and I do not know how may users or revene generated by Gmail contextual ads.

  5. That 2GB of storage is that per user or per company?

  6. can i just use a normal gmail account for my business needs or di i need to get a business account?

  7. Steve, 2GB is per user. Rob, you can use a normal Gmail account for business.

  8. Avatar business lover says

    Gmail has moved on so much that it now offer more than 5GB of storage space for individuals and it is constantly increasing every second.


  1. Gmail Targets Business and Campus Use

    Google is testing a couple of new implementations in hopes of spreading their email product Gmail. It was reported on Google’s blog that Gmail is being beta tested on the campus of San Jos?