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Google Measures Up Your Blog Stats

Google has announced the acquisition of blog analytics provider, Measure Map. I signed up for a beta at Measure Map a while ago but nada. So instead, I hooked up with Blogbeat. Which is pretty flippin slick if you ask me. I’d love to review Measure Map and now that Google has acquired them, I’m sure Measure Map will be made freely available to the huge number of blogs out there.

Here’s an idea: Measure Map is Google’s way of relieving pressure off of Google Analytics. Imagine the massive server load from all those bloggers signing up for Google Analytics. It wasn’t too long and then GA shut down. Suprising when you think of the resources Google has.

When I spoke briefly with former Urchin VP, Brett Crosby, now of Google at the SES San Jose last summer he marveled at the scalability of Google and was very optimistic about Urchin’s place in the Googleplex. Now if he would just give me a damn interview.

Join the user data party!

TechCrunch has a good rundown on Measure Map.

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  1. IrishWonder says:

    […] In the meantime, it looks like Google doesn’t intend to give up. It is definitely working out ways to deal with the Blogosphere. Lee Odden reports on Google’s acquisition of Measure Map,