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Keep Your Comment Conversation Alive

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There have been plenty of times I’ve commented on other blogs, only to forget where I was. Days later I think to myself ‘I wonder if anyone commented on my comment’. To bad I don’t remember where I was so I can’t go back and check.

There is also times where someone asks a question in the comments, we answer it and never know if the user actually saw that we answered their question.

Granted, every post has a comment RSS feed but you then end up with a cluttered feed reader. So there has to be an easier way to keep your comment conversation alive by notifying previous comment authors. Well there is.

I have just installed a plugin called Subscribe to Comments and it allows your blog visitors to subscribe via email to any post. Now, when a new comment arrives, you’ll get an email notification. Slick!

Don’t want comment emails anymore? Don’t worry, un-subscribe functionality is built in.

The goal is to keep the visitor coming back and help you keep track of new comments. Comment conversations can be great as long as people remember to say involved.


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  1. Yea that’s a sweet one, and is probably helpful to get people to come back often too 😉 Guess I’m gonna get me this one as well.

  2. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Thanks Lee, I have seen people using it but never thought it might be a wordpress plug-in, nice!

  3. I think I’m going to give it a try, but my expectations for adoption are minimal, at best. People are really becoming jaded about signing up for anything.

  4. I haven’t tried using it yet, but also allows you to track comments. It looks like you bookmark a page with a bookmarklet and then read comments in a feed reader.

  5. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    I didn’t get the whole co.comments thing. It sounded cool but it never worked right. That and I never remembered to do it. 😉

  6. Avatar Love Ask says

    People are really becoming jaded about signing up for anything.


  1. […] While surfing some of the plugs which I haven’t subscribed to but have linked to, I found a posting on the Subscribe to Comments plugin. I promptly installed it. I still haven’t gotten OpenID to work and it has complicated the installation of my Gravatars plugin and now this plugin. […]