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Lots of buzz in the blogosphere about Google’s PayPal killer, Google Checkout aka GBuy. Take a tour or visit some of the better coverage:

Google Blog, “Find it with Google. Buy it with Google Checkout.”

Charlene Li, Forrester – “Google Checkout Supports Its Core Search Business”

Dave Taylor gives step by step instructions on how to implement a Google Checkout button.

Wisdom from Robin Good, “Online Payments: Google Checkout Is Here” with two cool video overviews.

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  1. Avatar Radim Hasalik says

    There is a trouble, because Google Checkout is not for people outside USA. For example I am from Czechia, European Union and I can not use it.

  2. I read that on Dave Taylor’s post. I suppose they need to get the system ironed out before launching in other coutries.

  3. Avatar Radim Hasalik says

    Maybe, it will be as you write it. But for example, we are still waiting for Google AdSense for Czech a long, long time. What is Google doing? Still improving Google AdSense? About more than 2 years? (I do not know exactly).

  4. Avatar Nicolas Mirkovic says

    I’m looking for feedback from people who have used Google checkout for a case study. If anybody has any input that would be highly appreciated.