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Yahoo Updates MyWeb

Yahoo MyWeb

Yahoo SearchBlog has announced the update of the Yahoo MyWeb service. The MyWeb blog also offers feature details including:

  • Top Tags and Interesting Today
  • Finding Friends
  • Searching
  • Export

Yahoo continues to push further into the realm of “social search” and the implications for search marketing is significant.¬† The editorial relevancy that comes with the links as well as tags from the web at large promises to make searching a much different experience than it is now. Hopefully quality is one of those characteristics. But how will search marketers change what they do to help clients take advantage of the changing nature of search relevancy?

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  1. Will Yahoo MyWeb continue to live? From what I notice they kinda make it less prominent on their home page…


  1. aaron dalrymple dot com » Blog Archive » More Web 2.0 Buzz (or Hype) says:

    […] Yahoo Updates MyWeb Yahoo has updated and is even more 2.0ish and seems a bit easier to use and understand as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yahoo Updates MyWeb…

    Yahoo continues to push further into the realm of social search and the implications for search marketing is significant….