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SES San Jose Videos Part 2

Here are a few more videos from Search Engine Strategies San Jose. Matt Bailey – SiteLogic, Andy Beal – Marketing Pilgrim and a short clip from Danny Sullivan’s talk with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. You can listen to the full discussion over at WebmasterRadio.FM.

Matt Bailey in between sessions talks about wookiepedia. I had no idea Matt was a Star Wars fan. 🙂

Andy Beal before the Ask.com blogger dinner talks about the “lunatic fringe” of search marketing.

And here’s a short clip of Danny Sullivan and Google CEO Eric Schmidt answering a question from the audience about whether Google will start allowing users to monetize the use of their own clickstream data.

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  1. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Last one with Eric is very good. I am guessing Danny wouldn’t allow these kind of videos of the conference to be longer than 2 minutes or else we’d be sitting in our underwear home attending the SES show.

    Lee ….. I am sure people would pay for these videos, I know I would. A seminar is $2,000 per person … make these sessions on video and sell them for $500 I’d but it right now. Only problem …. attendance would drop. I am sure Danny thought about this before.

  2. Thanks Igor. Actually I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to tape the sessions and sell the video. I would actually never tape an instructional session anyway – not even 30 seconds. If people want to experience the conference, they really need to cough up the money to go and be there in person.

  3. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    No, Lee …. I meant for SES to sell it themselves. I remember when I was at the last SES NYC this question was brought up to Danny.

  4. Gotcha, sorry about the misunderstanding. I doubt they would do it though. For me, I get the most value from SES conferences not from the sessions, but from the networking.

  5. Very cool idea with the vid clips! I could see this turning into something for upcoming conferences. Anyway, it was great to see you again at SES! 😛

  6. Great seeing you too! I am definitley going to expand on this idea for future conferences. 🙂


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