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All Your Google Base Are Belong to Us

“Google to Jump Head-First into the Long Tail of Commerce”. Google Base will be incorporated more into regular Google search results in a move that will put it in direct competition with eBay. via Micropersuasion.

I’ve seen examples of Google Base within regular SERPs already with certain phrases such as, “search engine optimization services” where a “refine your search” box appears with drop down menus for skills and service type above the regular search results. Greg Niland mentioned seeing this earlier in the year, “Google Base Added to SERPs“.

I’ve heard that in the coming months, Google Base will appear much more often in natural search results and that the line between Google’s various services and the search engine will become more fluid.

Hopefully Google can do something about all that Google Base spam.

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  1. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Getting into Google Base isn’t that easy. I tried for a half hour to write some text that was ‘Google Base’ approved and it never made it. Other items I wrote were fine. Between grammar, spelling and special phrases, it’s not always easy.

  2. Can you give a generic example or two Thomas? I didn’t know Google Base was exclusive? It seemed almost like craigslinst when I’ve tried it.

  3. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Here are the guidelines and policies. I don’t have a good example to share though.


  4. We all know your Quixote-like battle with spelling and grammar Thomas. That’s what MS Word is for. 🙂

  5. This is the first time i hear about this service. It seems like a great idea and I had no problems posting.