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Eric Ward Launches Link Building Newsletter


The PG SEO (pre-Google) and master linker, Eric Ward has recently launched a new newsletter on link building called, The Ward Report.¬† I’ve seen the initial free-trial issue and it’s pretty good with topics including:

  • Linking Fact, Fiction and Your Inbound Link Profile (INLP)
  • Social Linking and Tagging
  • Linking for Search Rank
  • Linking and Publicity Opportunity Watch
  • RSS To The Rescue

It’s a paid subscription and well worth it. Subscribers will have access to discounted training, how-to Podcasts, video training modules and other resources as well.¬† You can sign up for the Ward Report here or request the trial version.

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  1. Avatar Michael Brito says

    sounds allot like the Drudge report (lol). Maybe he will get the same traffic as they do! Thanks for the update Lee.

  2. Its time Eric made us pay for his excellent advice. I have been following and reading his link articles for years and find him to be one of the most down to earth and practical presenters I have ever seen on the subject. Happy to subscribe.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Fionn, hopefully I’ll see you in Vegas next month.

  4. Avatar Mike Loovani says

    I agree with Fionn. Everyone needs this information. His section, Trend Watch, is easily worth the cost by itself, but his concepts, techniques, and style make link building much more effective.

    -Mike Loovani


  1. Eric Ward offers Link Building Newsletter. - Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Blog says:

    […] Eric Ward is a man with several several names (The Father of Link Building, Link Moses, Mac Daddy Link Master, among other respected link names), and I’ve had the honor of sitting next to Eric on a few SES link building panels, and I’ve got the highest respect for Eric. I’ve also also got a link to Eric’s speaking presentations that is included in the link building training that my team receives….so when I saw Lee post about Eric now offering a paid newsletter on link building, I jumped right over and signed up (Eric nicely comped mine right after he saw I signed up – thanks!), but I was willing to pay anyways.  […]