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Facebook Opens Up

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I received my “Join Facebook” email today and registered. You can join one of three networks: Regional, College or Work.

While several employees at our firm, TopRank have Facebook accounts and we may (or may not) have done some things with clients, this is the first time “playing around” with my own account. There’s quite a difference between Facebook and MySpace in terms of layout, customization options and functionality.

For more info from the source, check out this very interesting video interview by Bambi Francisco with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month after their little redesign fiasco. They discuss whether Facebook is hitting a ceiling, the deal with Microsoft and about opening up Facebook to regional networks.

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  1. lee, welcome to facebook then. but don’t you think they destroy their usp with opening themselves to the masses? that was actually what i enjoyed most to myspace, that it was a kind of a smaller thing. and no, i do not approve of the changes facebook did to us, they are 1984’ish and make you start to stalk people.

  2. Thanks sebastians. One point Mark Zuckerberg made in his interview with Bambi Francisco was that Facebook was a collection of networks, not one big network and that you would only have access to those in the network you select for your self: university, regional or work. However, after spending a bit of time on the service, I’m not 100% sure that’s the case.

    I would expect the deal with Microsoft probably motivated the “opening up” of Facebook to some degree. More users = more advertising reach. On the surface, that’s not good for users, but it depends how Facebook handles it.