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Future of the Internet Part II

Posted on Sep 27th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    The Pew Internet and American Life research project has issued another report on the the future of the internet with predictions that by 2020:

    • Virtual reality will enhance worker productivity
    • Tech ‚Äúrefuseniks‚Äù will emerge as a cultural group, living “off the network”
    • People will continue to disclose personal information unknowingly, albeit for some personal benefit

    There are other insights as well including the continued social inequalities and 46% agreed that the benefits of greater transparency of organizations and individuals would outweigh the privacy costs and 49% disagreed.

    Here’s a video clip of Lee Rainie from Pew discussing the findings on the Lehrer NewsHour show.

    The whole idea of a sub-culture emerging that lives “off the net” seems a bit sci fi to me. But then when I think about it, the few times I’ve taken internet-free vacations, it has been very refreshing. However, my business is very much tied to the internet, so there’s no off-network plans for me unless I change what I do for a living.¬† Hmmmmmmm.