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HeadSpace 2 : Easy WordPress Meta Keywords and Descriptions

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One of the downsides to a blog is the ability to easily assign meta keywords and descriptions to each blog post. I have done some research and found with a simple and fantastic plugin called HeadSpace 2.

HeadSpace 2 has two different ways of creating meta descriptions and keywords.

1) For those of us who feel we don’t have enough time, there is the automatic way. HeadSpace 2 can put an excerpt of your post in the description tag and the categories associated with the post in the keywords tag.

2) For those of us who need control, there is the manual way. Once installed each post now comes with a meta description and meta keyword box on the posting screen. Simply fill those two out and HeadSpace 2 will do the rest.

Either way is probably better than having none at all and much better than having the description or keyword tag the same on all pages.

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  1. You are correct, keywords are not really used. However, the description tag is a different story. I keep seeing blogs in Google that are hardly indexed as Google is having a hard time telling the pages apart. Unique description tags are a must as Google seems to index the first x number of characters and not create a real snippit from the actual post.

  2. Great post, exactly what I needed.
    About the keywords tag just let me say that although I agree 100% that Google does not place any relevancy on this tag, Yahoo and MSN still use it to understand the content and topic of you page. Keep using and optimising.

  3. Am a beginner at all of this, and I liked what you said in your description of Headspace, that you can run it on automatic mode or customize it. I just installed and activated it.. its is doing anything at all for me, if I have not yet changed or configured anything? It seems pretty intense, and I need to get up to speed before I start messing around. But would love to benefit from some optimization in the meantime.


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