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The 13th – Blog Backup Day

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Blog Backup DayI’m declaring the 13th of each month as the unofficial blog backup day. Meaning that you should login to your blog software and download a backup of all posts. Also, if you have access to the template files, back those up too.

Avoiding issues are much easier than trying to fix them once they happen. I’ve never seen a blog just delete itself, but I have heard of people’s hosting accounts suddenly having a hardware failure and are non-recoverable. If you don’t have a backup of your files, who does?

Yes, a good host will make backups, but that’s placing your trust fully in a third party. What if their backups are in the same office as your website and they have a fire? All is lost. If you do have a good host, then a secondary set of backups never hurt and you’ll have them at your fingertips at all times.

Ok, so this is a perfect gloom post for Friday the 13th, but you must realize that technology isn’t perfect. Your blog could go down and if you have no backup, then you’ll have to start from zero. All your hard work down the drain.

What are you waiting for? Backup your Blog!!!!

So how do you backup a blog?

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  1. Hey, it would be much easier if you just used the new web 2.0 app called BlogBackupOnline. It’s fairly new but it works very well. Its free to use and it automatically creates daily backups of as many blogs as you want and stores it on their servers. Check it out the site is http://www.blogbackuponline.com.

  2. Hey, there is a new blogbackup service at http://blogbackupr.com

  3. yeah, thats a good idea, especially if you can do such a thing for free.

  4. WP-backup is a great WP plugin that allows you to schedule backups… do mine every week aswell!

  5. I agree, WP-backup is fantastic.


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    The 13th of each month as the unofficial blog backup day. Meaning that you should login to your blog software and download a backup of all posts. Also, if you have access …

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