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Exalead CEO Critical of Google at SES Paris

Andy Atkins-Kr?ºger is covering the Search Engine Strategies conference in Paris this week and today quotes Francois Bourdoncle, CEO and founder of France-based search engine Exalead in the opening keynote of Search Engine Strategies Paris as saying . “We‚Äôre all helping to create the Google monster” and calls the major search engines the ‚ÄúWalmarts of the digital world.”
Bourdoncle also has thoughts about the Google, Yahoo MSN Sitemaps collaboration: “The sitemaps specification is not nice and open and it is not nice and closed‚Äù. He believes the initiative aims to close the door to new entrants to the market place.

I guess this guy’s trying hard to stand out by being critical when what he should be focusing on is what, if any, positive advantages new search technologies will bring consumers.

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  1. I have talked to Francois before and he is a really passionate guy – too bad he isn’t using that passion to show off what he loves about Exalead…

  2. IMO one should always do things that he fells like doing and not those that should be done from other person’s point of view. As time passes he will come to know what is good and how to contribute for it to make the best of it.

  3. Exalead is not only a poor search engine but they have the big head. Their CEO is so immature that he critizes the whole world. My advice to them would be: please stay in france and leave us alone.

    I don’t like them.