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One Super Proposal

One of the blogs I’ve recently added to my blog roll is Joe Morin’s Travels and I noticed a post he made about some kind of marriage proposal during the Super Bowl he’s going to be promoting. Don’t worry ladies, Joe’s not the one doing the proposing. (800,000 women sigh relief)

What he’s doing, or promoting at least, is along the lines of the Million Dollar Home Page and the One Red Paperclip promotions where a site, or in this case, the My Super Proposal blog, is asking for donations big and small for a good cause. Except this viral marketing promotion is being used to finance a commercial for the Super Bowl in which a fellow named “JP” will propose marriage to his girlfriend. According to the blog the goal is to raise $2.5 million. That’s a very, very big goal but it looks like $73k has been raised so far.

If they don’t hit the goal, the money will be donated to a children’s hospital. A promotion like this raises all kinds of interesting questions but I’m curious to see how it pans out. Is this a real proposal? Is it viral marketing or a linkbait program for something else? Will a studio pick it up?

If this is the real deal, and I actually think it is, then it’s going to go down as one of the most amazing promotions ever – and hopefully make a young lady very happy.

The “My Super Proposal” blog has been covered by the likes of AdRants & AdJab already and there’s even an interview with “JP” over at the Nashville City Paper. If you’re the sentimental sort, drop a few bucks off at My Super Proposal.

Update: Super Bowl ads have been sold out – so the focus is more about getting the attention of advertisers running consumer generated media contests so JP can get picked to do his proposal as part of their commercial. Contests of this sort are being run by Doritos and the NFL.com. How can you help? Mention My Super Proposal on your blog!

Also, Danny Sullivan makes a good suggestion to link to the My Super Proposal blog with “will you” like that in the anchor text. Perhaps JP can do what Barry Schwartz did when he proposed by having his girlfriend Yisha search her name on Ask.com.

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  1. Well the end result that means we will come to know once the goal is achieved should reveal the true intentions behind this promo.

  2. Hey Chris, you know that is a really good point. I mean, a proposal is important and everything, but $2 mil would indeed be better spent on the kids. Heck, even the $75k would be better spent on the hospital.

    I don’t think the intention is to really raise that much money, but to get the attention of advertisers whom JP can piggyback on.

  3. I have to admit, I hope the money just goes to the hospital.

  4. Avatar BillyWarhol says

    he will generate TONS of free press from this just with all the Hype surrounding the SuperBowl Ads*

    sadly i’ve been wracking my own brains out trying to think of how not only to exceed the Million Dollar Home Page but have my Billion Dollar Baloney Blog make me thee First Web2.0 Billionaire!!

    (said in my Best Austin Powers voice 😉

    so far i’m still eating Baloney Sandwiches but with HeartWarming stories like JP’s here maybe there’s still hope!!

    Good Luck JP!! & i hope ya get the Girl!!!

    Cheers!! Billy ;))

  5. Avatar Joe Herbert says

    Hello, I was part of the team that created DUCT TAPE, a current top five finalist in the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial contest. We’re honored to be in this position, and we’re asking people to please support us by casting their vote for DUCT TAPE at http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com — thanks you for blogging, I enjoyed your post about the contest. Joe Herbert.


  1. […] About a month ago, I did a post about a fellow who is working to raise money and media attention in order to secure a sponsor for a marriage proposal during the Super Bowl, “One Super Proposal“. My freind, Joe Morin is helping this guy out with media relations as is Greg Jarboe on the PR side of things. […]

  2. […] It was an interesting thing keeping this under wraps considering there was so much PR ala Greg Jarboe, Jamie O’Donnel and Joe Morin going on. In fact, because our posts on Online Marketing Blog about the super bowl proposal, and then the update rank highly for “super proposal”, we received a lot of referral traffic from Google when the commercial didn’t appear during the Super Bowl and were looking for it on the web. […]